Paradise City

Haven’t picked up the guitar in months, so thought I’d do a quick cover of one of my favourite songs to give me some motivation. Really need to learn the full song! Any critique is welcome so I can improve!


Maybe this will help :slightly_smiling_face:

For sure !! What I am hearing is pretty darned good Aaron :+1: Guess Rick’s link is the way to go. Slight chance Slash may know what he is up to. :rofl:

@AaronLloyd897 that was so cool-really enjoyed listening on acoustic :ok_hand:

That sounded great, Aaron, beyond me to offer critique.

Sounds great, yes you do need to do the whole song :wink: Looking forward to it.

Not picked up the guitar in months and you can do that?!! Wowzers, yeah you have to go full song now!! :slight_smile:

Wow, that was great :smiley: Far beyond me to offer any kind of critique. And of course another voice calling for the full song :smiley:


That was amazing!
great rhythm, accents and melody playing!

If this is how you sound after several months break, I really would like to hear you with a little practice going on before. :astonished: This was great stuff, Aaron! Very impressive. :+1: :clap:

And I’m joining the “now-we-want-to-hear-the-full-song”-club! :smiley:

That was great Aaron, really enjoyable but way too short. I’m really looking forward to the full version now though.

Hi Aaron,

Great job. Short, but quality blast.


That was grear Aaron. :sunglasses:

That was brilliant. Keep it up!