Paramore Still into you

Hi team, Justin? Wanting to learn this acoustic version for my daughter for her to sing at her wedding and myself and a fellow guitarist to play can I get any help in transcribing the two guitar parts with the timing for the words,

Hi Kevin ,

Song requests can be made here…although with a not so well-known song I fear that your daughter may have to postpone her wedding for a while :roll_eyes:…I have also been waiting for a Dire Straits song for more than 3 years but now I will go and find out by myself .

But if you are really in a hurry and you-tube can’t help you, this is also a good option (I think)

Justin’s approved teachers Lieven and Richard …also moderators here who are easy to find and approach…(SSsss at least if you don’t talk too loud and scares them :smile:)


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Great idea Rogier.

I think that if something like that happens to me, I would start by learning a 1 guitar version of the song on my acoustic guitar like this video. It would be a great base to start on.

And then after I would be done with the “simple version”, I would book some sessions with a JustinGuitar approved teacher to help me making an arrangement for 2 guitars based on the original performance.

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Thanks, That looks like the other guitarist should be able to transpose to acoustic, I’m thinking for the strumming section one of us can play triads, we will work something out.