Parking The Pick

I’m interested in the technique of switching between finger picking and picking with a plectrum in a song. Is there any info in Justin’s videos?

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Look at his «rest» pisition when he hangs over his acoustic when explaining something… he usually has his pick resting along third and fourth finger on his inner finger joints.
That works ok, but it is easier said than done to get it there while playing… i can donit if i go really really slow. But i guess it can be done at whatever tempo with enough practise…


John @Willsie01
An interesting question as I have a similar issue.
I am working on a song and would like to play the intro which is essentially a melody with a pick then the rest of the song playing with just my thumb.
Was wondering about just dropping the pick on the floor, but doesn’t sound the right thing to do. Had thought about holding it between the joints of my middle finger with Justin mentions in a lesson somewhere but that wouldn’t work for fingerpicking.
Will be interested in any suggestions but will give Trond @tRONd idea a go.

I would say you are allowed to just drop youre pick Michael. Dont see any issues with that… a bit tricky if you need it at the end of the song though :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not sure about lessons, John, but would hybrid picking (I think that is what it is called) be an option. That is playing notes that you would usually play with the thumb with the pick, and playing the notes usually plugged with index, middle, and ring with the middle, ring, and pinky.

I have also seen players put the pick n their mouth for a finger-picked section and grab it again when wanting to strum with the pick again.

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You can see pretty clearly how Marty does it here:

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I’ll try this.

I wouldn’t worry about dropping a pick. I was at a Tommy Emanuel concert recently and he started a song with a capo then part way through he took it off and threw it (with a flourish) on to the table beside him on the stage!

I have tried this a few times but using the classical i m a is so ingrained in me.

I find this complicated when trying to sing :crazy_face:

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I’ll take a look.

If this is the case you’re going to have a hard time learning to park a pick.
If “i m a” is your preference you most likely sit when playing so just place the pick on you knee when finger picking.
If you really want to park the pick the best place is in the knuckle joints of your index finger and like every skill practice, practice, practice is only way to learn how to do it.
But in your case I think relearning how to finger pick not using your index finger will be the hard part.

…actually not these day. I predominately play standing up.

Then place the pick on the side of the guitar or relearn how to finger pick with different fingers and practice parking the pick.