Partial capo with a regular capo

Hello, anyone here uses a partial capo? That’s a capo that only covers the A, D and G string. If you put it on the second fret your guitar sounds like tuned in DADGAD capoed at the second fret. Anyway, I couldn’t find my partial capo this morning, but I found out that if I turn my regular Kyser capo the other way around it serves as a partial capo :sunglasses: I play (among others) The Star Of The County Down this way. Only thing is you have to sort of invent your own chords :wink:

Nice share John. Never seen one before, so can’t offer any comments. :sunglasses:

You want one of these beasties

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Hi Rob, with this on your geetar it looks like you’re about to rob a bank or so :rofl:

Nah, no need for any of that - just get one of these:

That’s a cool idea. Well done.