Patch - Collide - Howie Day - First attempt at recording myself doing a full cover

I figured I’d cut an early version of me working on this, since DavidP suggested I post some recordings. The vocal track is me as well. I’m not that comfortable singing and playing at the same time on this one yet. And I’m still figuring a lot of it out. I played/sang along with the original recording (not added in), and did my best to match pitch, etc… I’m no singer, but you need to know where you are to figure out where you need to go, right? :smiley:

When I bought my first guitar as an adult a few years ago, my uncle requested me learn this one for him, and now that I have an acoustic I’m working on as good of a cover as I can pull off. I figured it’s a good one to help me grow into a few skills.

Nails on chalkboard warning, I don’t have all the vocal pitches down yet, and am a totally amateur noob singer, at best, with no training.


Well done mate on posting a video - I enjoyed it. Good steady rhythm throughout the song. The singing was fine for me. Im not really a singer, so cant offer you any tips on this. You’ve got a lot of emotion in your voice though which really showed through, and added to the performance.
Looking forward to see you progress with this one.
Cheerd, Shane

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Congrats, Patch, would a grand first recording. Way better than your write-up suggested may be to come.

You rocked those stuck chords, some excellent strumming with accents. To get even better, it’s a good idea to keep the hand moving in the groove, even during the pauses. Just keep strumming missing the strings.

You never mentioned that in addition to playing guitar and singing, that you are a ventriloquist :rofl:

Singing is no different to guitar … find the right teacher, learn and practice, and you will develop your ability to sing. Lots of positive qualities already on display. Over the last year I have worked on my singing and happy to share my path with you if interested.

For this production, I think I would have lowered the loudness of the singing a little bit to bring it closer to the level of the guitar. But that is a matter of my taste. You didn’t mention the tools you used to record, mix and produce. If you’d like to dig more into that side, let us know, and I can offer a couple of suggestions. Again, recording and mixing is also something one can dig into and learn if interested.

Back to the main point, bravo, well done, and look forward to your next!

Nice! I wish more people would play this song instead of Wonderwall. Same chords but the words make sense and there’s a good message in there. Thanks for giving this a go and for showing the community a better path to take. Friends don’t let friends play Wonderwall. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yeah, I kinda hacked it together a bit. After I watched the exported video, I also felt the singing vs guitar was off. I’m more used to twitch streaming style mixes, where the mic is a lot louder than the rest of the stuff going on.

We have a subscription to the Adobe suite of products. The audio was done in Audition, and I put it together with a webcam recording of me playing in premier pro.

As far as singing, yeah. Currently my main focus has been to try to learn to match pitch. Monitoring my voice though my audio setup while listening to the music has helped a lot. I’ve started doing a little work on figuring out some notes and hitting them, as I was having trouble with some sustained parts of another song. Definitely interested in improving my singing and any resources shared would be appreciated.

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Congrats Patch a good start to your recording career! nicely played and sung. You know where you need to work at it so enough said. Look forward to seeing how you progress.

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Well done Patch. Congrats on your first AVoYP. Some good strumming going on there. That was quite a fast pattern. I think your voice has loads of potential too.
I look forward to more from you.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Patch.

I can only reiterate what others have said and I look forward to seeing more from you.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP. You gave those stuck chords a proper workout with some excellent strumming. As others have said, you have a lot of emotion and potential in your vocals. That’s the first time I think I’ve heard that song. I’m going to have to add that one to my Spotify playlist. With regards to your interest in singing, I’m not sure if you are aware of these lessons on Justin’s site singing Lessons which may be of interest to you.

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Congratulations on your first full-length recording! That was well done, and kudos for diving in on the singing. As others have said, it’s a skill you can learn and develop, and I think you have a voice with a lot of potential that is a good foundation to build on.

You could probably adjust the levels a bit. Another thing you can do that can bring the guitar and vocal together is to put a little reverb on the master. That gives all the instruments/tracks the sense of being in the same room or space. I often do that, in addition to any individual reverb effects on the separate tracks.

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Wow, thanks for all the nice replies! Very encouraging, I really appreciate it. Due to the way my voice sounds to me, I’ve never been that confident in it. All this feedback helps. I’m looking forward to finishing up this cover, and will post the audio here on this thread when I have it ready!

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I don’t know what ‘Twitch’ is but I think if you ever have a sense that something is not quite the way you’d like then better to delay posting and try and get it better. Talking about something like levels, not never posting until you feel something is ‘perfect’.

Like JWC said later, adding a little reverb on your vocal and on the song as a whole can help make it sound more natural.

I don’t know audition, but if it is a typical DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) then you can also split your vocal into sections and adjust the volume of each section, either up or down, if needs be, which can help the overall mix.

Justin also has some lessons on music production on his site which may be worth taking a look at

I and a few others here, started with Chris Liepe’s free course and then enrolled in his Discover Your Voice course. It has made a huge difference to my singing. Won’t say I am a wonderful singer but the before and after is pleasing.

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Yeah, I was in a race against my nerves at the time. I.E. if I didn’t pull the trigger at the moment I might not have posted at all. Figured it was good enough for the intended purpose, at least :smiley:

I’ve seen the videos on Justin’s channel with Chris. This is definitely on my list when I get the courage.

Cool. I’ll definitely put this on the list.

Twitch is a site where people stream themselves playing video games. Context here being, generally you want the voice of the person streaming to be higher than/over the game/background music.

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And it was! Nothing wrong with the video as you shared it!

The videos on Justin’s site will give you an intro to Chris. The link I included will take you to his site. Don’t worry about courage, just about desire, determination, and discipline. If you have that and the time, then I am as confident as I can be that following Chris’s programmes will improve your singing! If it can improve mine then it can improve anyone’s


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