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Is there a specific tuning for this song ?

Eb standard. So you tune down every string by a half step.

I know people really love when I critique these song vids; but again, no new player is getting anything out of this. The chord progression is well explained, when it goes to the close up, it’s non sense; entirely opaque When do we do these flicks and such? For all the chords in the progression or just some? And even if I knew when to do them, the close up do nothing to explain what he’s doing. Especially when I can’t see his picking hand. And the it’s close up of the picking hand, which isn’t helping because I can’t see his fretting hand.

If you tell me you’re a real beginner and can play this, you’re trolling. That’s absurd.

Yes, yes I know:
How dare I complain about a free video
I’m just bad and you’re great
How dare I leave feedback that isn’t glowing

Ken, sharing feedback, impressions, and experiences in use of the lessons is appreciated, even if it is not glowing.

I have watched this lesson and part 2 and see it differently.

I think I could add chords to the lyrics of the first verse and chorus, assuming I don’t have it in a Song Book (not sure if this song is in one of the JG songbooks and would help to know that, which I will suggest). I think that I could learn learn to play the song with a simple strumming pattern, ignoring the chord embellishments and arpeggiating playing.

The song is pitched as a Grade 3 song and my hearing of the lesson was that the intention for a grade 3 player would be a simplified, not as per the original, play through.

A grade 3 player would be expected to have achieved the expected level of ability developed through completion of grades 1 and 2. So by no means a ‘new player’ or ‘real beginner’, depending on how ‘new’ or ‘real’ you meant.

I think the chord embellishments were shown but agree would really need to know the basic chord progression and the original well to put it all in context.

The arpeggiating picking is demonstrated but not broken down note for note, pluck for pluck. In both part 1 and 2 he explains that there is no set pattern, that this is not for beginners (grade 4 intermediate) and suggests learning this through transcribing. I did not try slowing the video down and Justin playing it super slow would be helpful.

It certainly would be a challenge for me to learn and play this, as a player at just beyond beginner play-grade.

As I said, I don’t believe the expectation is for a real beginner to play this just like the original

I’m not seeing anything constructive in these closing comments.

cc @Richard_close2u @LievenDV

Thanks for your reply. Clarifying that some of the lesson may be intended for more advanced levels is helpful, as I was not aware of that.

The last bit of my comment was meant to head off the trolls who just reply with insults.

Im just really frustrated with the song lessons in general. Every non song lesson is amazing. Just when I think im ready to be a paying user for all the extras I hit a song lesson. Guitar playing is about learning songs, and if I cant actually learn a song here, Im dont feel incentivised to pay.

I know none of this is your fault btw. Most people I imagine just quit when they get frustrated.

Also, I was thinking about four more things:

  1. Even if I was an intermediate player and was familiar with those embellishments, he never says when to use them, i.e. every time the chord is played, only sometimes, I what beat in the measure, etc. I still wouldn’t be able to play the song

  2. As I said in the OP and you reiterated; yes the video does show the chord progression and goes through some of the lyrics, etc. But playing the G on this word, and then switching to an A on this word can be found in any free tab. That’s bare bones stuff

  3. While searching for more info on this lesson I found the oldjustinguitar message boards. This song lesson in particular, as well as others I looked at, are littered with people having the exact problems I’m describing, over and over again. This isn’t just a “me” problem. This seems like a very common issue with these song lessons.

  4. If I thought buying the app and becoming a full member would solve the problem, I would do it. I understand he needs to eat. But the demos I’ve seen of the app just shows him playing single chords without strumming patterns, as the lyrics scroll by. In other words it’s the same thing as reading a tab with lyrics and play a G over the word and then a C over the next. By becoming a member I’m guessing would get the TAB for the song as well. But if they’re the basically the same tabs you get for free online, that wouldn’t solve the problem either.


@DavidP @LievenDV

You are under one major misapprehension that I want to divest you of immediately.

There is no ‘full membership’ status conferred upon people who take subscriptions to any JustinGuitar product or buy any merchandise. There are just JG students accessing the 100% free online lessons (hundreds and hundreds of them including over 600 song lessons).
Some of those people happily come to the Community for occasional and specific help with lessons or issues. Some extend their participation here for the ‘community’ aspect. Others choose, entirely voluntarily, to donate to the site. Sone pay for purchases of merchandise. Some take out subscriptions to the small number of optional extras accessed through such a payment system.

None of the above scenarios make someone a ‘member’ - thus excluding others from an exclusive and privileged group. Everyone is on an equal footing.

Re: trolls / trolling.
We get virtually none of it. And it is moderated and dealt with quickly because the community doesn’t lije ir tolerate it and we keep the place clean and tidy. Comments designed to provoke (as your closing sentences seem to be) are looked on dimly and are unwelcome.

Constructive and frank comment is not taboo. You co plain about the target audience of this lesson and uts difficulty/ accessibility… I need time to look before making a proper response.

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Sorry, by full membership I meant subscribing, which I thought meant access to the Tabs for the lesson and the play along app. As in, when I click on the “Tabs” icon on the lesson it says: “Want the chord/lyric and TAB for this song? Click the link below to get details and subscribe to JustinGuitarTABS :)” I wasn’t implying any backhanded dealings for members. I was stating that I’m not sure what exactly I would get in terms of tabs, and how in depth the play along app is, and therefore I’m not sure it would solve the problem I’m having.

In terms of my ending comments on the OP those are specifically in response to the first post I made on the song lesson “Black” In which I was trolled by several people. I think most of those troll’s comments were removed by a mod at some point. But I thought I would save the Mod the trouble and cut off the trolls before they struck. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful.

Also on the lesson he says that he’ll be teaching the intro which he doesn’t, maybe he meant to say outro

It is not a new player song. This ‘easy’ version is Grade 3.
Anyone at grade 3 will have been learning and playing songs for at least a year unless they have whizzed through the lessons and content at great speed.

This lesson is part 1 of 3 lessons.
Part 2 is the embellishments and part 3 is the solos.

You need lesson 2 for the embellishments. He also shows strumming patterns and addresses some of the issues you say you are struggling with.

The intro solo is included here:

Ok, thank you. I’ll keep pluggin’ away.

The APP is mainly a ‘karaoke’ play along tool aimed squarely at beginners working within grades 1 and 2.
It has lots more besides, including the website lessons, but that is its essence. When Justin films a video using it he is showing simple playing and strumming to demonstrate how beginners can use it. It is not a replication of exact guitar parts from technically challenging songs.

Thanks for the replies, Ken

My thought would be that the opposite may have happened. You are right that people do respond inappropriately to some critical feedbacks, and then my suggestion would be to ignore it and leave it to the Mods to deal (we do the best we can to manage such misbehaviour).

Richard has answered many of the specifics already related to the App, the TABs subscription, and the way in which this lesson is presented in three parts.

This may be helpful, maybe not … perhaps it would be helpful to share some recordings of your playing. I know you said you’d played before but getting a better sense of your playing, songs you’ve got under the fingers, etc may help us to provide more practical help.

My sense is that you looking for more than just grade 1 & 2 strumming to songs in the App and not yet at a level to be able to learn from a lesson series like Patience that is pitched at a more advanced level where Justin provides guidance and expects people to also figure out some of the application themselves. If you watch the lessons for the songs he recommends for beginners I think you’d find his approach is a little different.

You will also find that within some of the song lessons categorised for Grade 1 and 2, Justin will start off with approach for beginner but also cover approach for more advanced player. That way you can learn the song at a beginner level and as you progress go back to the song and learn the more advanced approach.

Also if there are any parts of the lessons or song lessons that anyone doesn’t quite comprehend the forum is a perfect place to say “hi… I’m having trouble with this… can you help me out?” Since I’ve joined the community I’ve been amazed how responsive the members have been answering questions and sharing their knowledge.

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The song is not in one of the JG songbooks. On the new website you can filter by songbook and before each song video the opening frame usually gives you the songbook. I find the old songbook list useful Justin Guitar SongList | free guitar lesson from as when looking at the list on my phone I can scroll down without having to continuously click see more. It would be useful for the new song list to be able to filter by module and not just grade.

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