Pay on pc use on tablet

Can I pay for the app on my pc (via PayPal) and use it on my tablet as I don’t like having my payment details on multiple devices)

No I dont think so, thats not how apps on devices work really.

I assume you mean an iPad?

not every tablet is an ipad.

no it isnt but its half of the tablet market tbh and theres typically absolutely now way of getting an app apart from via the app store onto them (outside some tricky development/corporate things)

So 50% and you assume he has an ipad.


Getting back on track you need to purchase the app on the associated app store i.e. itunes or google play.

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who knew this forum had an ignore function, nice!

No ones being ignored. Your answer was spot on you have to get the app via the app store. You just have to get the app from the app store for the device that you own and if you own various devices to know that you can’t swap between google and apple eco systems without paying again at the moment (which is something that’s asked on the forum quite often).

@grob Not sure where you are in the world but in the U.S. you can go to most retail stores and buy prepaid cards to load on the google play store for android devices… I would guess apple would be similar for ipad and iphone… I don’t have any apple products. The app is handled by a company called Musopia so I don’t think you can use paypal but @larynejg would probably be the person to ask.


If it’s an Android device, you can install it from a PC by visiting and installing from there. As long as you use the same Google account that you use on your tablet, the. You can pay for it and select the device to install it to.

I believe there’s a similar web interface to the Apple app store.




Hello everyone! We’re working on a web payment page for the app, which should be working by the end of this year. :slight_smile: For now, you can only buy the app through the app stores… but great things are coming soon! Stay tuned!


thank you for all the replies,I apologize if anyone thought i was ignoring them but I don’t really use the tablet for much more than reading e books (& the guitar practice now) & only go on the pc for a couple of hours each evening.