PC to Fender Micro audio

I purchased this today and searching through the posts no one seems to mention running backing tracks/ Justins lessons from PC to Fender Micro by bluetooth. Can I do this ? I have the App (android) running on my PC through Bluestacks android sim which works well. If not will have to bluetooth phone audio I guess

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I just did some googling, and BlueStacks does not offer bluetooth support.

The Fender Mustang Micro is amazing by the way, I love mine :wink:


Ah ok thanks -phone it is then

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I also just purchased one of these! Have yet to use it though! It seems really useful for practicing.

I use my Fender Micro sometimes to listen lessons with pc by bluetooth. My pc has build in bluetooth, but you can get small bluetooth adapter, if your pc does not have build in one. Just pluck adapter in and connect to Micro like to any bluetooth speaker.

I have never used bluestacks, so not sure if it will work, but if you get sound from your pc when you use bluestack, you should be able to get it to work with Micro.

But if bluestack doesn’t work, some newer phones have an option to cast your phone screen to windows(with wifi, I think, never used it personally), and send phone audio to Micro with bluetooth, so you could have bigger screen on pc and still get audio to micro. Not sure if cast screen has too much lag to be usable though.

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Hi @Visto, Welcome to the community. I have used BlueStacks for a while with no issues. I don’t use Bluetooth. I connect the Headphone Out on my PC to the Aux In on my Katana amp. Works well.

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I use Bluestacks on my PC running the app and can confirm that I can play along with the lessons and music tracks bluetoothed to the Micro .

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I have the DNAfx GiT Mobile which is the Harley Benton equivalent (knock-off) of the Mustang Micro and to get it working with Bluestacks w/out using Bluetooth (guitar + backing track, Justin’s lessons et al) it just needs a USB connection. I puzzled over getting it to work over Bluetooth until I realized that I needed to disconnect my laptop’s Bluetooth speakers in addition to clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray to choose the audio out device.

The headphone amp plugged in via USB, to connect over BT you need to disconnect any other active, paired device. No need to un-pair it, just disconnect from it.

Then simply pick which device to output your signal too.

Now with the speakers disconnected and the amp connected via BT.

Selected output device.

Hope this is helpful.

Cheers! :beers:

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