Peacemaker Intro (HBO show) on bass

Hi, here’s the bass part for a song on HBO called Peacemaker. Very 80’s, the show takes ya back.

So I learned that it’s by a Norwegian band named Wig Wam.

Here’s my take on it.

Peacemaker Intro

I don’t know how to make the player show.

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Hey John good to hear from you. Loved the moody, grumbling vibe.

That sounded pretty good, John. Goes to show that you don’t have to over play and get all super fancy to lay down a bass groove with drums for a song.

I don’t know exactly where in YT you will find it but recall @Majik (I think) point out where there was a config setting to turn on video embedding. Maybe that is not enabled.


Thought I’d take a closer look, ignore the above.

All you need to do to embed is copy the video URL in YT and paste it into your post on a separate line. It looks like this:


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Tasty playing there John and nice timing as well.

Good to see you tickling the bass again John, that was cool.

Hi John,
Good to see you here and great play. Nice steady pattern and runs! I sit and look at the bass on my wall and your play inspires me to take it down and dust it off. Though it would distract from my current project on guitar. Maybe someday I can fake it as good as you!

Keep on rock’n,

Sounded great man! :grin: :guitar: