Pedal rabbit hole

Nope still deciding on what to do for board

Looks like I have a long road ahead as I am phase 1

It does, although the original amp electrics have been stripped out. It has a small desktop amp which can power the speaker for jamming but I normally just plug straight into the ‘desk’ or mixer through the Simplifier pedal.

I am not that advanced to know how to play through a computer

Here’s the one I need but it’s on back order, with a reported three year wait.


Oh!!! I want one!!! :rofl:


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Yes, I know about these.

Assuming they even fit between your pedals (that the sockets line up perfectly), you should avoid these like the plague: they will eventually damage your pedals, probably irreparably!



yeah don’t use those rigid connectors

Use plat, short patch cables instead. Like these EBS patch cables. good stuff and pretty cheap.

I am using these I have a bunch laying around

That will work too. check the cable though, the flat EBS’s I posted are a bit easier to bend. Use what you have though, they’ll be the same functionally and the plugs don’t seem to take up too much space

So I think I got all the pedals I want except for a looper pedal . I decided on older dod pedals and tracked down the ones I wanted and they are all USA made and found most in near pristine like new condition. I was looking for that 70s , 80s sound.I took my boss pedals off. So this is what I ended up with ,so now I will make my board next.


That looks like an awesome collection. I’ve never found much use for a flanger, always seems like fun but I’ve never really use it in the songs I play, but you have certainly got overdrive covered!

I find flanger comes in handy just very lightly on some songs with reverb and it gives a nice tone. as for the distortion I just love all the sounds I can get from each of these.

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