Penny whistle and guitar

I love some penny whistle and guitar performances, do you guys play this in a band or have seen a band play this two?

I play whistles (and other fipple flutes) sometimes. I don’t have any recordings of my smaller whistles, but I’ve used low whistles and recorders on some recordings:

This one, Lament, is an original and has a low whistle playing the melody.

This one, Robin Reddocke, is a traditional lute piece arranged for guitar, but I composed alto and tenor recorder parts to go with the guitar.

This one, Motherland is a cover of the Natalie Merchant song. Mostly guitar and vocal, but I also played a (low) whistle solo in the song.


David Bromberg uses it in a lot of songs

Did a collaboration with some folks here of the Rumjack’s Irish pub song. The cover is buried in my learning log somewhere, so here’s the original. Get foot stomping ! :sunglasses:


Is that a bodhran?

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The hand held drum played by the singer ? Yes :+1:

Thank you for sharing. I think I found my new favourite band.

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That’s very melancholic.

Which one? (I assume either Lament or Motherland.)