Percussive strumming - feedback wanted please

Perscussive strumming Hello, friends! I’m currently working on Justin’s percussive strumming tutorial, meaning the one on the app, and I just want to make sure I’m on the right track. I am also using this exercise as an opportunity to practice some slash chords. Any feedback, especially negative, will be appreciated!


Do you mean a lesson from the Strumming SOS course?

Of all your videos to date, this camera angle allows the widest view of your left and right hands / arms. For full analysis and helpful critique-making, it would be much better if you moved back even further and allowed us to see all of you, from your strumming elbow to your fretting hand and a bit wider.

You are getting percussive hits on 2 and 4 for sure. If that is all in your strumming hand action and not achieved by lifting the pressure from your fretting hand then bravo - you are getting to grips with it very well.

In terms of your overall rhythm and groove there are things to be aware of and try to improve.
The sound of your strumming is somewhat clickety-clackety. You want your pick to gently strike the strings and glide off them, just brushing the surface as it passes by. Your sound seems to indicate a strum action that is digging in too deep, the pick getting caught up and snagged between the strings and causing a drag on your arm. Rather than sounding and looking bouncy, it looks and sounds jerky and weighted down by friction. If I could see more of your strumming arm I might be able to point to the cause. Your posture looks rather hunched up, bent over and uncomfortable and that may be adding to the issue.

You’re doing well with the C/G and the D/F# chords. Given where you are, and you have shown in another video that you have the F barre learned, I strongly recommend you learn a different fingering for G major. The one you are using is the introductory one but long term, it isn’t the optimal one. Look at Justin’s lessons on weak finger G and stuck 3&4 G.

I hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard | JustinGuitar Approved Teacher, Official Guide & Moderator


Wow, Richard! Thanks ever so much! Your feedback is as comprehensive as it could possibly be! Yes, the percussion comes from my strumming hand, as that is something Justin stresses, and which I focus on. I’ll put into practice all your advice, work on developing the technique and then resubmitting in the hope that I’m getting it right. I will pay special attention to my posture, which a result of nervousness! I must remember to be calm. It’s not like I’m playing in front of a paying audience…yet anyway!

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Well done on making and sharing the recording for the purpose of receiving feedback, James.

Richard has provided comprehensive feedback and I don’t have his knowledge and skill. But I would like to add one further observation.

I am noticing a distinct stop in the strumming action on the percussive hit. I would encourage you to keep working at this to strive for a similar strumming action on the percussive strum as a normal strum. Whenever I find myself struggling with the percussive strum I find focusing on continuing to strum through rather than stopping and tensing on the hit helps me.

You are making excellent progress. Keep at it to continue to progress and you’ll become smoother and more relaxed over time.


By George, I think he’s got it! :grin:

@JamesSuntres time for you to have a bash at this one, maybe? It’ll help practice those pointers from @Richard_close2u and @DavidP and at the same time is enormous fun to learn


Others have given you some great feedback, so all I can add is…do as Frankie said and relax. To get your percussive hit you don’t need to hit down with such gusto but I’m sure that bit will come with time and practice.

You’re heading in the right direction.


Thanks! And for the song suggestion! We will all agree that the best way to learn any technique is to apply it to a song!

Thanks! And what you point out is so essential in that one doesn’t need to smash down on the strings for the percussive effect.

Thanks David! Yes, percussive strumming is just that. After going over the feedback and watching myself I realise I have the percussive part but not the strumming part. So, I’ll keep at it until I get it right.

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Hey James, I’d just double down on what @SgtColon said with the relax stuff. Not percussive strumming specific but really useful for strumming and doubly so for percussive. Your arm is stiff and should be more floppy.

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Yes! Thanks! I realised myself how stiff and rigid my arm was after I (face reddens in profound shame) broke a pick! The percussive sound is a matter of technique, I have understood! I’m working on it though!

Hi Richard! This is attempt 2 at percussive strumming. Hope I’m on the right track!