Perfect Fast Changes

Want FAST & PERFECT chord changes on guitar? Here's a new exercise to improve your guitar skills!

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This is awesome! I’ve been playing for over 20 years but I started at the beginning and I’ve learned so much. I’ll keep this in mind because it’ll be so helpful! Also glad to know Justin is human. He too, drops his pick haha.


Today I learned that I’ve been doing these since the beginning. Oops!

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Don’t worry about it.

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what would be a good target for these? I’ve been going for 60 fast changes for basic chords. But for eg C to Fmaj7/C of perfect-fast changes I’m on about 25. How perfectly fast is enough to move on from Mod 10?

Can I clarify on this, once I get to the stage of “perfect fast changes”, would this replace One Minute Changes as a part of my practice routine or should the two exist alongside each other, I understand that the goal is for all changes to be perfect so, for example, if I’m looking to introduce a new change to my practice like Bm to Em should I just look to make them perfect from the outset or go for the faster OMC to begin with and then introduce perfect changes later?

When learning a new chord, I’d suggest starting with the Chord Perfect and OMC exercises first.

Once you start to get it under your fingers, then start doing PFC.

All three exercises reinforce each other. And as you advance, you may be able to start with PFC right out of the gate.

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Cheers for the feedback, sounds like the best approach for me.