"Performing" Happy Birthday for my sister using powerchords


Kudos :grinning:

A great surprise for your sister!

I much prefer this to the original

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Awesome Frank! :metal:

Now that’s how a rocker says ‘Happy Birthday’ … great job, Frank, cool looking guitar and great tone.

Happy Birthday sister!

Great stuff Frank !



Thank you all. I have been silently grinding away practicing practicing and practicing since Nov 2021. This weekend I just played with and enjoyed powerchords (justins sweetleaf video). And played with “dirty” on my orange crush. I loved it. Question: I developed a habit, I use two fingers foe 3 finger powerchords, works well, but I have a hard time sliding. Can i develop the skill to slide up and down the neck that way, or should I learn to use my fingertips? PS Im Frank, I am a beginner guitarist, I use Justin Guitar to learn, and this was my first video performing. Now can I graduate from First Grade?

This is great Frank, what a blast for your sister.

I am sure you can, Frank. I assume by ‘fingertips’ you mean using middle and ring fingers to form the chord.

I can recall there being conversations in the Community about the pros and cons of using two fingers or three, but can’t recall the pros and cons. Perhaps worth checking Justin’s lesson to get a better understanding (if he discusses that).

Hard to answer based on this share. Check yourself against Justin’s criteria and perhaps make a video of you playing a few songs that make use of the chords taught in Grade 1 and the Old Faithful strumming pattern.

:smiley: Brilliant. I hope your sister appreciated it Frank?