Personal Jesus Cover

Hey guys, so this is my first post on the new website!!! :smiley: I even posted this on the old one but figured i would put it here to!!! Hope you guys enjoy and i hope you all have a merry Xmas!!! :slight_smile: personal jesus cover - YouTube


Good to see you found you way here, Bytron … or is it Byron … now I am confused :roll_eyes: Your profile says Byron, I’ve heard you intro yourself as Bytron, and do like to get names right (just one of my little quirks).

I enjoyed the cover. Is it inspired by the Johnny Cash cover, which is one of those covers that I prefer over the original?

Good to see you Mr H. Maybe a little influence of the Manson cover ?

You may enjoy this

There are quite a few new folks joining us on the new platform, so why not introduce your self here.

@DavidP - Yes a man of many names it would appear, unless you frequented his old Soundcloud before Byron switched to YouTube. I am sure folks thought it was a typo when I always called him Byron or Mr H. All is revealed !! :sunglasses:

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I sure did Toby. I enjoyed it more than I enjoy the DM original.

Guess I am just not that into the electronic pop-rock thing. An ex took me to see them live, most certainly the least enjoyable of the few concerts I’ve been to … the moment when the band were all clapping and the music was playing was the final straw. But let me not go down a ranting rabbit hole.

And as much as I enjoyed that rendition, I enjoy this one more

For those that only know JC as the country artist @ToshS covers with great aplomb, his American Series of albums, produced by Rick Rubin, are worth a listen. I first heard Hurt and One on those albums.

Now back to appreciating Bytron’s rendition of PJ folks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Bytron08 Good to see you posting on the new site! The riff for this one sounds cool on an acoustic guitar like that.

That was great @Bytron08. And, as @DavidP mentioned the cash version, I’ve been tempted to give that a to many times. Such a great album. Maybe your cover will motivate me to take another look.

Really good stuff!

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Hey Bytron,

Good to see you on the new forum mate!
I was wonderin’ where you were.

Great cover, as usual. Not really up my alley, but I might steal that cool little riff nonetheless :nerd_face:

Cheers, Shane

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Hey Bytron, I’ve been standing at the door waiting for you to arrive. So glad you’re here. Yippee. :star_struck:

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Thanks guys!!! Yeah I kinda got it off of cashes version for sure. LOL thanks batwoman!!! :smiley: Glad you guys liked it!

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Lol my real name is Byron but I go by bytron08 as my youtube name and musician name. Feel free to call me whatever haha.

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Another great song Byron. Well done and good to see you joining us on the new site.

Thanks sairs good to see you also!!! :slight_smile:

Glad to see you here Bytron, good entry on new Community enjoyed it!

Thanks Adi!! GLad to see you to!