Phone access to the community - OP Display

Oldhead49 brought this to my attention as he has an iPhone and I can confirm this is the same on an Android phone too.

The issue based upon an example of AVOYP (but applies to any original poster,) is that you can’t see who made the original post for the thread from the top level. You have to click to get inside the thread and scroll until you find the original post and poster. In the old forum, we have the post subject title and directly under that we have; “started by”. This is the desired behavior and is more efficient. Navigating this on a phone is a pain in the new Community…

Possibly Ben can check to see if there is an option to display the Original Poster’s (OP) Name in the Avatar to the left of the post instead of the last poster in the thread on a phone? Better yet would be to leave that alone and add the OP name under the subject line at the top level of the post. Then a user on a phone could instantly see who made the post. The way it is now, is very cumbersome.


Agreed. I have noticed this too.

Agreed. I’ve raised this issue before. Apparently on a PC you can ‘hover’ your mouse over the post and the OP comes up. Can’t do that on a phone.

Also on the old system you could see at a glance if you’d replied to a post as the little icon was different.
I like to make sure I’ve replied to AVoYPs in particular and with the last poster icon issue and no instant way of checking if you’ve replied, this becomes difficult.

Comments noted.
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Tested it on an iPhone and indeed, it only shows the avatar and not the poster name.
It would be handy if you could see the authors name right under the topic title indeed.
request noted

I might be on vacation but a tablet, keyboard and mouse work well together :smiley: