Phone App or Browser? & Password Question

Tried to find any sort of app to access the “Community” and found none for my phone at Google Play. In using the android phone browser, I got the log on page up, but trying to log on did not work, probably due to the password. I was still logged into my PC desktop machine so I thought I would set a new password and try that on the phone. But the community ‘preferences’ area had no place that I could see where you could enter a new password. I am left to assume the Community password is controlled or set on the main justinguitar website? (NO, for the moment at least - See EDIT below).

EDIT - After more research and messing around, I ran into the " DiscourseHub" for Android phones. Upon install of that I was able to get to the new community. Being an old fart, I forgot we had a custom password and login name. So my next stop is to input that and give it a go! I think with those login credentials all will work ok. If not I will be back and document what I find.

EDIT 2 - I indeed was able to access the community the “DiscourseHub” app. Though I am pretty sure a browser does nearly the same thing. At any rate, once logged in I was asked if I wanted to install the Justing Guitar Community App. I did that and it works good. I am assuming that same prompt would come up in a browser session as well.

MODS - Is there a plan to put the Justing Guitar Community App on Google Play and the IOS Pay/play site as well?


The Password issue is already a prio1 issue, noted alsewhere here.
it is indeed impossible to find here how to change those settings without going to the JG site manually.

We became aware of an “app” only recently, thanks to you guys.

even so:
Thanks for posting your story here, as I now understand it is something Disource does to try and boost usage; a generic app filled with the content of your personal forum.

This is an app developed and promoted by Discourse.
It seems to happen automatically.
We do not know (yet) how much control we have over that process and on which media it deploys and on which it doen’t.

We manage the contents of this Community but we have no/limited ocntorl over that DiscourseHub app.
The degree of control, deveopment and administration will decide whether that is worth the effort or not.

Not a problem in not supporting this. From what I saw, it was nothing more than a site link aggregator. Where you could have one place to launch multiple Discourse sites. To 99% of justinguitar users, it would never be used any way.