Phrasing With The Changes

That’s a really great idea Clint! Phrasing is something I could do with improving, and that’s a cool way to do it. Thanks!

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Thanks for the nice comment! Musicality is a big kettle of fish and there’s room for all kinds of expression. By and large keeping things melodic and conversational while supporting the rhythm and chord changes is a tried and true method.

Thanks Gordon! Good Mexican food should burn you twice. :slight_smile:

Thanks JK! Pick a phrase, any phrase. LOL

Thank you sir! It’s a process, but it makes good sense when you might be stuck playing scales and sort of rambling on (something that I’ve done my fair share of).

That was a really interesting watch Clint and it helped me make sense of phrasing, so thank you for that. I really enjoyed it too.

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Thanks @SgtColon! I appreciate the comment.

For ad hoc improv this approach works pretty well, and is intuitive for the most part. If I imagine myself as a paratrooper dropped behind enemy lines, this is how I would play my way to safety. This can only get me so far though. The more elegant solution is to play an actual melody, by ear, but not so much in the ad hoc spirit, but in a more intentional way. So yeah, working on melody lines needs to be one of my next areas of focus.