Piano piece

So I picked up piano during lockdown a couple of years ago and have been trying to improve since. I thought I’d post a piano piece for a change to my usual indie efforts, so here’s a rendition of a lovely Enya solo piece from her Watermark album:
Miss Clare remembers - Enya cover - YouTube


Thanks for sharing Neil. Wonderful

Man of many talents strikes again :wink:
Sounding good Neil.
Learned some basic piano as a child. My memory was that it was my right hand doing most of the ‘twiddly bits’ and the left some accompanying chords.

That was delightful, Neil. It sounded wonderful, you have clearly developed some ability on the instrument and are well on your way.

Love that album. Funny personal story about it. I first heard it when sitting in the back of a car being driven to Chamonix by some business colleagues. They’d visited us in South Africa and we’d taken them to a game farm. This was a return-the-favour trip to give me an opportunity to try snow-boarding (that’s another story). I’d blasted them with Guns n Roses so their ‘revenge’ play was Watermark. That backfired as I have wonderful memories, sitting quietly enjoying the album and the mountain scenery on that drive.

Hi Neil,
Very pleasant to listen to :sunglasses: :clap:, my wife also came to stand next to me and you make a spark because she sayed that it was time for her to pick up playing the piano again… Thanks

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment Liaty.

Thanks Brian, those twiddly bits can be tricky!

Thanks David, it’s Enya over G&R every time for me… I can imagine the combination of Alpen scenery and Enya would be quite special. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Thanks Rogier, nice to know I didn’t put her off piano forever!


That was lovely, Neil, you played with sone nice dynamics too. Pretty impressive for just a couple years in.

Thanks Marie, appreciate the comment re dynamics - not something that comes easily!

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Lovely, thanks for sharing Neil.

Thanks for viewing and taking the time to comment Mal

Nice to hear an easy-listening song from Enya. My favorite from her is “ Only Time”. You played well.

Bit of trivia -
You could stand on the turret of Enya’s Killiney castle and almost wee on Bono’s pad below :laughing:

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I guess your summer house is one of the ones obscured by trees?

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Thanks for the compliment Pam!

‘Fraid not. That’s millionaire’s row… We lived on the other side of the hill :rofl:
But Killiney beach is lovely and open to all :sunglasses:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Wow …
That was amazing! Beautifully played and a treat to listen to :smiley:
It’s nice to hear some keys here for a change :musical_score: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard: :musical_keyboard:

This community really is a place of many awesome talents :+1:

Hello Neil, thanks for sharing this, it was delightful and so beautifully played :heart_eyes:

Many thanks Gunhild, very kind words.

Hi Silvia, you’re very generous, thank you.

That was wonderful Neil. A lovely bit of playing.