Pick Manipulation

Learn how to manipulate your pick when it shifts and explores different picks!

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Ha, “driving” finger… Nice one, Justin!

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I gave up on the pick. I found it completely ruined my feel and rhythm. I was generally not liking guitar with a pick and did not get back into it until I chucked it. Love playing with my thumb. I’m in no rush to get an amp either. Quieter and softer works for me. Call me crazy.

Different strokes for different folks. :smiley:

Me too. I keep trying it, I do think it would be good to be able to play with a pick, but I much prefer to play without.

I’ve tried again out of a feeling (guilt?) that I should be able to do it. I tried easing myself into it by using my thumb and index pinched using the nail of the index as a pick. I think I could do it now, but I don’t prefer it. It’s basically just a primitive amplifier. I play for my cats and maybe my significant other, but she’d rather I keep it down anyway. I do most of my practicing late at night.

@LunaC Have you watched this video?

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Oh yes, many times in fact. Thanks for asking.

Justing Guitar videos are like bible which must be watched and rewatched!

I was having a really hard time in the module after switching to thicker orange pick for strumming as asked in the module. This threw off everything which I was able to do before like basic chord changes from module one and some song playing. After some frustration I rewatched Justin’s video and the solution was of course there. I was not holding the pick slightly at an angle with the thinner white pick I believe it was not a big problem as they are so thin it just glide away on the string but with the thicker one it is important to angle it.

stuck chord here I come!


Well now it seems like with the thicker pick I am facing another issue. Somehow I am always missing the low e string on down strum. Any idea how to correct it?

Maybe you’re holding your pick too tightly? That’s usually the source of my problems when playing with a thicker pick.

I am about 13 months into learning acoustic and when I first started learning I swore there was no way I was every going to be able to play with a pick. Down strums were ok-ish but up-strums? forget about it. I was getting the pick caught in the strings to the point where it was just frustrating.

Based on the lessons I eventually tried the lightest I could find, the Dunlop .38. Using that I found I could actually strum fairly well and not get caught in the strings and it gave me the confidence to keep going! I kept at it and now I feel like I can play with any pick but eventually settled on the Dunlop Tortex .50. I love the way that it feels in my fingers, like it has a sort of matte feel that is so comfortable and clings to me; yet I can still re-adjust it well while playing. And it sounds really good to me.

So anyone starting out I would recommend the Dunlop .38 nylon if you are struggling.

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