Pick N Mix Practice

There gets to a point where you just have too many things to practice them every day, so I use Pick N Mix!

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Interesting, looks cool! What do you use the “On Hold” jar for?

I want to learn to play guitar to play a song in 6 weeks for me

Barbara, I think that is achievable with the caveat that you choose the song wisely ie one that makes use of the chords that you learn from the outset, that you practice sufficiently with discipline and dilligence, and are realistic in you aspiration as to how you play the song. Have fun and enjoy it day-by-day, step-by-step.

this is a top 10 of all time lesson for me. as someone who gets struck with decision fatigue on what to work on sometimes, it’s great to just be able to pull a pick out and do that exercise!

it’s also great for making sure all my different techniques develop evenly (cuz sometimes ill just spend a week working on one specific thing because i get so into it rather than being more holistic)

Good idea… The simple things help the most specially as going of on tangents is part of my character

Love this lesson. I have to problem that there is too much i want to learn. This would eliminate the frustration of what to practice and keep it fun. I would add a fourth jar named “Needs work”. definitely adding this.

I don’t care how cool the idea is. I am not eating five jars of Vegemite!:nauseated_face:

Maybe olive jars, but that is a lot of martinis…

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