Pickup/pole height Gibson SG

Because I’ve been doing a lot of improv stuff recently I’ve realised that my high e string is quieter than the others when playing on the bridge pickup. The strings all sound pretty much the same on the neck pickup.

Should I raise that side of the pickup a little which I suppose would also affect the B string a little?
Or should I raise the height of the individual pole?

I’ve looked online and it would appear that the e string is hotter and should have the pole level with the surface of the pickup. Mine is currently just proud of the pickup surface.

What is the e string action? That is where I would look first. If it is a little high, lower it and then reassess the sound.

The action is low. High e at fret 12 is 1mm. I don’t want to mess with the action. I like it as it is.

I don’t own an SG but on my tele style G&L Bluesboy I found lowering the pole piece to level with the pickup body improved the sound. Before the adjustment the high e was always a bit more to the fore than sounded good to me.
If you don’t like it, you can always return the pole to the current position. Changing the pole height is easy and readily reversable. Try it higher and lower and see if you get the tone you want. The other thing to look at is the intonation adjusted by the saddle bit. I don’t know enough about the Gibson saddle to comment more on that.

I guess also wondering if the e is the problem or at the other strings too hot. You can always lower the bass side of the pickup and turn up the volume.

Hey Gordon,

I’d just raise the pole piece a 1/2 turn and see what your ears tell you. From my understanding, the lower height on the e ( and E) , relate to matching the radius of the fretboard.

Cheers, Shane.