Pics of your ‘set up’

Thanks! The guitar on the left is an Epiphone setup for learning slide. But… bass is there just off camera. The big amp under the keyboard is a bass amp (when needed).

Now I just need a band… :wink:

I started out on piano years ago but now focus just on guitar. Drums were a diversion over covid!

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Wow, there are some amazing pictures of your practice spaces, music rooms and studios in this thread :star_struck:

I’m impressed. Very cool stuff :sunglasses: :+1:
I guess it is important to have some nice and cosy surroundings for the daily practice routine.

My own modest practice space is just the sofa in the living room with an amp next to it. Wouldn’t make much sense to post a picture of my couch :grin:

In a corner of the room my three guitars are waiting to be played …

You can see Blackie on the right, the Red Special in the middle, and my air guitar on the left. :wink:


Still trying to figure out where the slide projector is hidden :rofl:
That’s a great space to play in Christian !

I practice guitar playing in my home office/man cave (with my recliner on the left side of the room out of frame):

@Cop That’s the ultimate man cave setup :heart_eyes:


Sim rig, fanatec gear, McLaren CSL wheel… wow. iRacing or assetto corsa?

I used to sim a lot, with similar gear - which led into a real life track obsession. Although I’ve put both to the side for now. I sold my sim gear in 2022 after I realised I was playing guitar all the time instead of simming. How long have you been into it?

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Some nice identification there JK!! I’ve been into driving games pretty much all my life, more serious sim stuff about 7-8 years. Similar to you, I’ve also done numerous track days and courses but it’s been a couple of years since my last one.

Sim wise I’ve invested a good amount of time into iracing as it’s where you get the best challenge and respectful racing but it’s a bit ott now for money with their model. For the first time this year I’m considering not renewing. ACC and original AC I still have fun with, but I’m getting to a similar point you describe in that I’m spending much more time with my guitars now. I’ll see what happens over the next year or so in terms of the rig etc. but I do love a good afternoon / evening session behind the wheel :grin:

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Wow, I barely have enough time to play guitar. How do you all have time to play video games, watch tv and movies or anything else? I must be a real slacker. Dang family getting in the way of my fun…:wink:


Hi all, for me it’s very basic.
Playing in my garage where i have a music / sport corner :laughing:
Sometimes i grab my boss katana and a guitar to play on another place in my house (and to see some sunlight, birds in the garden instead of 4 walls around me :sweat_smile:)


Must have great reverb for vocals!

What make/model of the guitar rack?

HERCULES Multi-Guitar Rack GS523B

Holds 3 guitars by default, can be expanded (with 3 yokes/holders) to hold up to 6 guitars (electric I’m guessing, or combination of acoustic & electric of a small number). They also have other bigger versions of this that can hold 5/10 guitars (with or without casters/wheels).

Really high quality and sturdy brand of guitar stands. I’ve used their single foldable guitar stands before I got this rack and really loved them as well as this rack.

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Sweet Les Paul! Right next to the spare planks of wood, ski boots and… squat rack? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks, yeah really like my Goldtop :star_struck: sometimes when I can’t play i quickly just open the case to admire her 30 seconds :see_no_evil:
Yeah snowboard boots and a bench / pull rack. Don’t use it very much now, as I’m doing crossfit, but yeah sometimes when I don’t go doing a crossfit session, I try to do some training at home (need some strength to wear this Les Paul on my shoulder :rofl:)


Beware everyone, a new software update has been pushed around the world. :exploding_head: What a nightmare !


Shared that with my wife, she wholeheartedly agrees :rofl:


Hey to all gear peepers :slight_smile: I love to see all the different setups from cinemas to racecars and even just cozy corners with all those nice guitars.

As I started with Producing and am a bit a PC lover there are a bit more monitors and controllers than nice guitars and amps :sweat_smile:

Workstation and instrument corner in my living room:

Separate acoustic and video recording room:

Pic of my guitars when they have a meeting:


Wow! That’s a great setup. The bar has been raised for me!!

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I know this too well, I often spend hours trying to manage cables and finding solutions to keep it handy and ready to record.

One thing that was worth the tinkering, was to be able to use the same PC in two rooms. And for anyone owning a gaming computer and wanting to record acoustic or voice (especially with a condenser) it’s a great thing to have it in another room or (big) closet if possible (I used ethernet kits for HDMI and USB through the wall).
Even with a dampened case, the fan noise gets picked up by mikes and like this, there’s no need for a laptop or another PC running in the room.

That’s what’s great about your basement. No chance of street noise bleeding from windows :slight_smile:

Now for the acoustic treatment, I gave up on it for the moment (originally trying to have a treated monitor room for mixing). But that’s something else to level up if recording acoustic through microphones. Gotta look into treatment for recording instead of mixing, I think that’s a bit more lenient and less complicated to achieve results.

Aight, sorry got off on a tangent, but as I see you are also turning your setup as much as possible into a full studio (super sleek and nice space for all the different playing areas) and thought maybe it would interest you and any drive-by reader.

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I have a cosy corner of our ‘study’ (posh name for where we have our computers). I keep it simple because being a retired IT bod means I am a compulsive knob-twiddler and too many toys would be too much of a distraction from learning and playing. I also like to sit outdoors with my acoustic when the weather is good and entertain the wildlife. :smiley: