Pics of your ‘set up’

I would love to see some pics of your home studio/practice spaces/music rooms. Think it would be interesting and be helpful to get some ideas of how people set up to practice/record ect, I’m starting to get the bones of mine together and looking for inspiration :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll post a pick of mine Thursday when the desk and chair arrive, but in the meantime I’d love to see some of yours :v:


Hi Lee,
Have you checked people’s LL yet?
They are often full of this information.


I was just about to say that Roger :+1:

My ever evolving “studio” is depicted in mine. It would be too long to cut and paste those entries, so here’s a link, if anyone wants to check our my set up.

The Madman’s Roadcase (now Learning Log thingy)


@TheMadman_tobyjenner @roger_holland

Yeah I’ve started to read through a few of them, I’ll keep making my way through them :v:


There are a couple of ‘minimalist’ set ups on this thread as well :smiley:


Love it :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for the link :v:

My practice space,


I don’t have any dedicated music room, is just a corner of our bedroom.


Thanks for the pic :+1: Same for me, I’ve got a wall/corner in the spare room I’m looking to set up in. :v:

whats an LL?

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Learning log :v:

Hi Raymond,
It seemed clear to me in this context, sorry about that it’s a bad habit to always use abbreviations, which for people who are new or don’t read very often all the time it’s quite annoying, I promise to do less but also know that I will go wrong very often. :grimacing:

This is my practice corner, which also happens to be my office space.


Work in progress :v:


Soon to change, though. We are moving out of our wonderful climate controlled net-zero home to be out of the urban zone.


Nice, I’m looking for a bit of greenery too :v:

This is my current, somewhat messy, setup.

It’s like that because I’m living a slightly nomadic lifestyle: this is my third home in a year.

My current home is in an area of the East coast of Singapore called Katong, and my lease here is, specifically, until mid December when I will need to move again because the apartment block is scheduled for demolition (although there’s rumours it may be delayed for another year).

Because it’s temporary, I have to be careful about buying too much stuff, especially furniture, so I’m getting by with the minimum amount I can.

I’m also not sure if I will be remaining in Singapore past the end of the year or not, so I don’t want to buy too much stuff in general.

My setup is fairly minimal, although it’s expanded over the last few weeks due to me bringing some stuff back from the UK.

The guitar is my Yamaha Revstar Standard with P90s.

I have a Yamaha THR 10ii amp with wireless G10T transmitter and Airstep controller which is my main set-up when not using headphones, and a Boss GT-1 multifx which is my main headphones and recording setup (mostly permanently USB connected to my laptop).

I also use the GT-1 for the local jam sessions I have been going to.

I also have some other “toys” including a Boss Pocket GT, and a (recently purchased) Nux MP-3.

I also brought my old Boss MS-3 effects unit across from the UK as I was considering using this with the THR10ii instead of the GT-1 as it’s a bit more versatile, although a bit more fiddly.

I also bought my Boss WL-20 wireless system over because, in my experience, it’s less susceptible to interference than the Line 6 G10. I can also use it with the MS-3 setup including, potentially, for jam sessions as I have both the transmitter and receiver as separate units.

I also have some other stuff with me including a Boss RC-3 looper which can be seen in the background of this pic, which I am considering selling because I don’t really use it

The space is also my home office as I WFH a lot , so the guitar is next to where I work ready to pick up and play.




This is my very improvised ‘set up’ - but it serves its purpose :sweat_smile:.


Love it, it’s also good to have a refresher of the alphabet every now and again :wink::v:


In many ways I’m looking forward to delving into electric guitar, but I’m having panic attacks at the thought of being overwhelmed with pedals/wires/amps springing out into my already tiny space :grimacing::joy::v:

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