Pillar Of The Community Award - to honour the magic of Majik

Original forum topic here: Pillar Of The Community Award - to honour the magic of Majik.

Awarded May 19, 2020

Majik (Keith) has been sharing the love, paying it forward, freely offering his knowledge and insight for many years now with unstinting generosity and good grace. I have a special reason to thank Keith personally as he freely gave me hours and £££s worth of time and advice when I set up my own tuition website. Recently, for the wider community, he set up and hosted a Jamulus server to enable members to engage in real-time jam sessions. He is a top bloke!


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Response from Keith.


With his encyclopaedic knowledge on so many subjects, Keith surely is our resident Mekon. Thank you for all your support over the years. :sunglasses:


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I too have been the fortunate recipient of Keith’s knowledge, all given with such spontaneity and generosity.

Thankyou Richard for what must be a Herculean task migrating, editing. :star_struck: