Ping @Endureth - are you migrating your vids?


John, will you be moving any of your AOVYPs over, so folks can see your palmarès ? Just so they know what they are letting themselves in for :rofl:

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Well, I have the youtube channel if people accidentally find there way there. But I plan to have all new stuff. Some AC/DC coming, and I’ve been practicing Pink Floyd’s “Money” in preparation for a really good first posting on the new forum. I found a video online with the bass completely removed so any bass you hear in it will be me.

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No worries John, good is new as well, sounds promising (as always). Just a thought, :sunglasses:

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I am learning that a bit aside, it is a lot of fun! Do you have recommendations for newbies? Do you have a favourite course, practice routine, artist that inspired you?

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There are seven modes. One is major scale, one is minor scale. 5 others are flavors.

Learn the modes and you’re a step closer to learning the language under the chords.

Victor Wooten teaches a lot so I’ve learned a lot through him. Like a LOT lot.

Dissecting, digesting and learning songs I enjoy has helped the most. On youtube there are a bunch of bassists that cover their favorite songs. I just learn a bunch, notice similarities in the parts, recognize some as a technique and then explore the technique on my own all over the fretboard and try to make music with it myself.

Some of the guys I watch on youtube are:

Scott’s Bass Lessons
Constantine Isslamow
Kello Gonzalez
Remco’s Groove Lab
Sanitys Void

And my three golden rules of self-teaching:
Use a metronome.
Learn to sing the part before playing it.
Practice hard things slow more than you think you need to.

Stay Hungry


great advice! I am following Scott Basses but the others seem worth checking!

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always good to have a decent bassist in the pocket of your jacket :smiley:

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