Pink Bullets lesson is showing as private on website and youtube

Is this one still available if you subscribe? Dang it I got excited, I like this band.

Sad to see this video is no longer posted. I saw it many years ago and recall it contained a very good exercise where Justin insists that the student pause the video and tries to work out the chords on their own. I was hoping to revisit this song and the old video which reminds me of years gone by. Please repost the original, it’s a good one. :slight_smile:

@charlesbrooke Thanks for the feedback, Charles. It looks to me that it is just a YouTube access setting issue. I’ll raise with the support team.


@musicwayfarer @charlesbrooke It is right there on the website - just click the link in the first post up above.


@Richard_close2u @DavidP Thank you gentlemen for your timely assistance. However, the video remains inaccessible: the video is set to private both on YouTube and when embedded at JustinGuitar.

Charles, I have raised this with the support team. They will need to request the appropriate person to look into this and update the access setting on the video (I assume that is the issue to rectify). I’ve not yet received feedback and will update here when I have feedback (hopefully confirmation of the resolution). But Justin’s team is a small team, with many items to action and complete.

@charlesbrooke As David says … but … I can view it, when I click on the link the video opens no problem. What browser / device / etc are you using?

@Richard_close2u interesting, I am still getting the ‘Video is private’ response, both embedded in the Community and on YT. I’m using a Chrome browser on a Windows laptop. Accessing from South Africa (maybe it is linked to physical location).

@Richard_close2u @DavidP I also get the private setting
on Samsung tablet and window 10 laptop using firefox.

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Thanks Rick

I am UK based using Windows 10, Chrome as a browser and I can view on the website:

… and on Youtube:

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@DavidP @Richard_close2u I have attempted accessing the video from mobile and PC on a number of browsers, all from Canada, all without joy. Thank you all for taking up this report with such enthusiasm, what an amazing community!

Meanwhile, I will use this opportunity to take Justin’s encouragement to heart and REALLY figure out the chords for myself, though I suspect Justin didn’t intend to suggest his students pause the video for years. I just hope I can get them right before access is reinstated. :sweat_smile:

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I’m uk based and tried accessing on windows 10, Google Chrome as browser and was unable to access.
I tried clicking to open on YouTube but just takes me to home screen on YouTube. A search for it on YouTube does not come up with the lesson.

I haven’t figured it out yet, when I scroll down, I see the original video, and it plays. I’ve removed the site from adblock, multiple browsers and pc and mac, still being elusive. :grin: I’m in the US but sometimes I get lucky and find a way.

@Richard_close2u seems your the only one with access. James is UK based and using
the same system you are.
Could being a Forum Moderator be giving you access?

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We all know Richard is special :wink:

Who knows. Perhaps. Though @DavidP can’t see it.
The Youtube setting is private, I can confirm that. When I grabbed that screenshot above I forgot I was logged in using Justin’s account as I had been doing some mod work there too. I logged out and into my own YT account and can’t see it, only the ‘listed as private’ notification.

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And the case is solved

I confess as I type that I am hearing it as Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau would say it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@Richard_close2u @DavidP Thanks again for working all your sleuthing skills. Does this mean that we can expect to be able to view the lesson again, or is it destined to remain in the vault?

Justin needs to make a decision on this one I reckon.
I don’t know but maybe he got a copyright claim on it.

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