Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Single Take

Hey guys, this is probably one of the songs I’ve been working on the longest, well I guess I first looked at that opening riff within the first few weeks of buying a guitar 16 months ago. I remember the pride when I could finally remember the entire solo and bumble through it. It’s my goal to eventually be able to “talk” sing through the verse and chorus but I haven’t even started practicing singing and playing yet…

In another post, I saw the suggestion to try and record something in a single take to simulate the pressure of performing in front of others and this is my go at it. I meant to end it at the little riff before the chrous, but obviously bumbled that! :slight_smile: Upon rewatch I also noticed that I screwed up a lick on one of the phrases of the solo, not sure how I didn’t notice that while playing it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Forgive the odd timing through the solo part, I recently started trying to throw the rhythm riff in between the phrases and it’s still clunky, to say the least. Welcome to any feedback or suggestions!



Dale, this is tremendous, the time invested in the learning shows. Sure one or two rough patches to smooth over but you are well on the way. Some tasty dynamics in the strumming. And that foot keeps on tapping.

Bravo. Keep working at it.

Good work Dale. The melody of this haunts me.

Congrats on going for it and posting a “1 take” recording. I agree with all @DavidP’s feedback. Can definitely see the results of the work you’ve put in. Well done!

Well that was just superb Dave.

Great rhythm, strumming, picking and playing and well done on the one take. Why not add that pressure just to really ramp up the stakes.

That’s a cracker Dale ! Yep few stutters but for your first one take, very good. Just keep playing it and the fluidity will come. Don’t fret about the singing side either. Once you feel you have this back to front and upside down and don’t need to think about what you are playing, the start adding the vox. Very good idea about talking the lyrics to start with, then build from there. Keep them coming. :sunglasses:

That’s a fine rendition of this classic so soon into your journey. Well done.
You’re obviously going down the route of ‘I want to learn guitar properly’ rather than my approach of ‘learn a couple of chords and holler over them’ :wink:
Looking forward to watching your progress

Well done, Dale! This was super.
I can tell that you’ve put many hours of effort into learning this song.
I’m not bad with the intro section but I definitely fall down with the little solo which you nailed. I’m going to use your video as inspiration for improving so thank you very much for uploading this for the community.

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Really good one Dale and wow only after 16 months?! Superb job, congratz well deserved! :clap:

Wow! That was really nice!

Like you, I have been working on this since early in my guitar journey. I am at 12, not 16 months and we have the same hair!

You really nailed the pace and feel of the tune. Very relaxed and smooth. No significant or noticeable errors.

I will watch this a few times to help me refine my not so smooth (yet) performance! Thanks!

Another super ‘walk on, walk off’ performance. You’ve clearly put a lot of time into this.

Don’t worry about the perceived errors. The whole point of a one take first take recording is to get a real idea of where you are. A lucky perfect ‘take 28’ isn’t a true representation of things.

Well done.

Bravo! I guess I missed the clunky part. Sounded great to me.

Love how you worked in the lead with opening riff. That’s a super accomplishment. :+1:

Well as I should have gone back to the solos years ago, having learnt all the other bits and bobs, guess what I am up to this evening ! Thank you for the inspiration Dale. :sunglasses:

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It’s actually the first solo I ever learned, and I guess the only one I know so far…

Any other recommendations?

The Californication solo is a good starter

@eladeflow great stuff, a bit more practice and you’ll nail it!
You’ve got most of it down very well, it’s just a matter of smoothing it out and getting the timing right all through; for a one take it’s great, looking forward to seeing it polished up!

Nicely done. It just happens that I’m getting the full song ready to post in the New Year. You beat me to it. Hopefully my version will be as good as yours… though I admit I will only have the intro and no solo cos I haven’t even tried that yet. Great job.

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Nice listen and great job. I really enjoyed that. I think your strumming was great. The notes ran out true and clear. Very nicely done!

Keep rock’n and all the best!

Nicely done Dale! I love the idea of doing one takes, maybe you’ll feel comfortable enough to join us as a performer at an OM in the near future :slightly_smiling_face: