Pink floyed learning all parts

I have all parts down some what now I am going to put them together with song but this is what I have so far . I have to clean up some bends and pull offs but happy learning solo by heart is good for now. I have to watch Justin’s video again to put it all together.


Good stuff, Jeff, you seem to have done most of the heavy lifting with this already :smiley:
Before you go to work on the hammer-on pull-offs, I’d suggest tightening up the timing a bit (maybe with a metronome). It might be just my ears, but it sounds to me as if you’re adding in an extra beat between most of the strumming/picking sections :thinking:
Look forward to following this progress :smiley:


Thanks Brian it definitely a work in progress but was happy I learned solo

Very well played, Jeff, great work! It was a pleasure to listen to, so thanks for sharing. Firstly, that’s a great looking and sounding guitar you have here. What model is that?
Now to your playing. I haven’t listened to this song for a while, so can’t really tell whether Brian’s ears are letting him down or not. What I can tell is the same thing, your hands seem stiff to me. But you’re aware of it, so it’s not gonna be a problem, just need to pay attention and relax.
Other than that it’s all great, really well done!

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Thanks man I have a lot of work to do on this yet but I am happy with my progress so far. It’s a dean acoustic koa that I bought back in early 2000s

As you should be!

Quite unexpected, for me Dean are those completely-not-my-style metal guitars.

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Yea Dean has or had some nice guitars. Usually metal style for sure

Nice work on the solo. I have the intro and the chords down, but I’ve never gone back to tackle to solo. Maybe now is the time for me. Thanks for the inspiration.

One thing that helped me get the timing on intro was following Justin’s lesson and counting it out the way he does - “and four e and one two three and four and one…” It was hard at first, but now I really rely on it to get the timing right.

Nice progress so far!

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Rider thanks a bunch I have a lot of work still on this song but was very hyped about learning solo I had to post.

Hey Jeff!
Echoing what Brian @brianlarsen says here, you definitely have made lots if progress on WYWH and I think you’re most of the way there! My only critical point is that the timing “feels” off, there’s an extra strum or two in there at times. Justin has the WYWH lesson in Grade 2 but also has a 4 part video lesson on the song that goes a bit deeper. I’d suggest watching all of them listening especially to Justin’s groove as he’s demonstrating the strum patterns. Keep going with it, it’s really cool what you have so far!!!


P.S. Very good looking Dean you have!!!

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Nice job, Jeff. This is one I’ve been working on too. Now that you have the main pieces down, I’d recommend playing along with the track as much as possible. It forces you to keep time and not get behind the beat. You may miss some notes the first few go-rounds but it will force your hand timing wise and before you know it, you’ll be nailing it. You know the pieces, trust yourself.


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Hey Jeff,

Some great progress there mate. Coming along nicely.

This is a deceptively difficult ‘(master)piece’ to learn to play.
The key is a constant ‘bouncing’ type movement with the strumming hand to lock into that 16th note groove that drives the song, and transition smoothly between strumming and note picking. You’re on your way here, but thats where I’d be concentrating now to really up-level the song. Slowly, slowly, but always in time.

Great start on the solo. Its a cracking piece, but quite challenging initially, and a couple of those bends on an acoustic ( especially as they are right near the nut), take some work to master. The key is solid technique with the wrist as the driver, not the fingers.
I assume you’re practicing the solo over the rhythm, and that will really help lock in the phrasing, which is really whast makes the solo.

Keep at it Jeff. A very good use of your guitar time. This masterpiece can teach you alot. :+1:
All the best.

Cheers, Shane


Thanks for the input I am working hard on this song and really need a lot more time with this for sure. But happy with my progress. Thanks for comment on my dean , I love this guitar.

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Yea I am going to start playing with backing track but my first thing was to get down all the solo and the other parts. Now I will tie it together with the song. Thanks for the input really appreciated.


Thanks Shane I appreciate your input and hope to have this song nailed down very soon.

Great post Jeff, looks like it’s coming along really well, solo’s sounding cool and love the tone you’re getting from that Dean Acoustic :sunglasses: :+1:
Like the other Jeff @jBreck (soooo many Jeff’s here! :joy:) mentioned, I also find playing along with the original is super helpful, so definitely give that a crack if not already.
Can’t wait to see how it progresses! :smiley:


Sounds great, Jeff! You should be happy with that progress :smiley:
It’s an awesome feeling getting the song pieces down :smiling_face:
I’d love to see you share updates on it too
Also love your koa acoustic, she sounds sweet :sunflower:

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Hi Jeff, that’s a fantastic song you’ve picked to work on. And you’re doing already really well on it :+1::clap:.
As you’ve said, it’s work in progress, and there are clearly parts, you already feel quite comfortable with. I’m certain, this will be also the case for the other parts soon :slightly_smiling_face:.
I’d love to hear it again, when you feel, you’re ‘ready’ :blush:.

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Thanks bro I appreciate it it feels good and bad at same time. It’s great I learned something and bad because it’s a long road ahead. Thanks again for the input.

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Thanks for the reply I am happy with it so far it took a lot to learn solo as I am busy all the time or I don’t feel like I make progress when I come home late at night and practice for 1/2 hr tired. But I am going to get this. Oh koa thanks you for your comment she does sound good .:laughing:

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