Pinky Chaos!

I just found this section, there is so much to learn with this, I am at the end of module 1, almost ready to hit module 2, but there are fundamentals I want to dial in first, and some of them seem to be in this technique course.

I wanted to post a vid of my pattern 1 scale on the 3rd fret, and show how my pinky just wants to run away.

I am also seemingly having trouble picking single strings, I am alternate picking so I can build that up as well, and finally my strength or my placement of my fingers, mainly the pinky and ring finger seem to continually have notes that don’t ring out.

Is it just practice? I am on 60BPM with this video, looks like I also might have to do the technique course and add in a few of those practice routines to my daily.


Something simple I used to do was to decide where I wanted to fret the fingerboard with my Pinky and go for it; just use your Pinky on its own to start with, when you get it right and ringing out every time add the finger next to it and do the same thing (obviously with 2 frets) rinse and repeat until you’ve got all 4 working.

Hi Bret ! Looks good to me. Just practice, spend time. I think Darrels advice is very good. Practice slow. Need to develop strength. Try to keep the fingers close to the string. I’m not in a position to tell people what to do… One day I found these exercice for left hand. Don’t remember if it was from Justin or some other guitar player. Maybe it’s too early. I don’t know. Maybe you’ll find it helpful. I find it helpful. Keep on my friend. Good job .

Click this link and « Télécharger » blue button. :

p.s. I think the document stays in line for a week. After a week, you can’t load it anymore.

Hey thanks so much for that.

I did just go through some of the technique course, and found there was a specific exercise for this, min movement exercise, so i’ll throw that into my daily routine :slight_smile:

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