Pinky the lurker has found a new instrument and he is

now a serious drummer.

As of September last year i am a drummer. The day Taylor Hawkins died, i made the decision to try drums and boy did i like it. I still play guitar but most of the time it sits in the stand and collects dust now.

I am on my drum kit like 3 to 5 hours a day now and i can play quite a few songs in time. The songs i know i had to learn from sheet music so when i play them now i just read the music t remind me. This also helps me with future songs as the patterns are easier to see again.

While i want to play guitar it just does not pull at me as much as drumming does. I am hooked on drumming more than guitar. Way more. I am over the weirdness of using 4 limbs independently now and working on consolidating my coordination.

I will remain a lurker and occasional student when it suits me but for now my guitar days are pretty much over as i value my time on the drums more.

This was and still is a wonderful site for those wishing to pursue their goals and wishes on the guitar. I am not dissing this site under any circumstances. I valued the time and effort justin put in to get us ordinary people to play guitar. He was really helpful. But i did find my calling now so that is the way it is.

I will still dream of being able to play like david gilmour, but it is nick mason, among others, that i now look up to now.

Justin and this place will always be in my thoughts every single day. I use justins time trainer metronome on my android phone for pad work :slight_smile:

So, thank you justin. Thank you all you lovely people that i ran into and gave me help along the way for the brief time i was here. I think it was like 6 months starting in dec 21 to summer of 22. I did stop playing but only because i found the instrument i want to play more than i want to play guitar. Not dissing guitar, boys and girls, But at the end of the day you lot are going to, hopefully, need a drummer one day so that is my role from now on.

Follow your dreams and study hard. I am! Wishing you all good luck…

singing out…


to be known as “The Lurker” from now on :slight_smile:


Good on you. Drums are awesome. I’ve thought about getting a kit again at times but I don’t think that would go down well at home when I make a load of noise already.

Enjoy, and make sure you practice your rudiments as well as songs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ha! That is great! Do what moves you.

I think Tony and batwoman may need a drummer on their next tour…


Congrats good luck with the drums.

When the rhythm calls you can’t ignore it.
I recommend the film Whiplash.

Do you want to traumatise the guy Richard?!?! Or is it your clever way of bringing him back to guitar? :smiling_imp:

All the best with your drumming David, after all you share your name with a great drummer and also a frontman nowadays :grinning:

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haha :slight_smile:

It was a traumatic film to watch. So much so, that i had to stop watching it. Not into gratuitous violence. No, Saw, or films like that. Saving Private Ryan is different.

One goal remains on the guitar and that is to finish learning wish you were here. Instead of the one year goal i had in mind it is now gonna get pushed back to 3 years instead. I know about 1/3 of it already so the rest will come easier.

This really is a cool site but my heart strings pull me a different direction. That is all.

Take care people. And thank you for all your kind words.

So, i will lurk…in the dark.

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Good luck with your drumming future David. A great instrument to learn.

Maybe you could be a supplier of backbeats. :smiley: