Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah - (My First Recording)

Hi everyone,
Here is my first try at recording myself:

Hey There Delilah - Sound Cloud

It’s not multi tracked or anything - so this was the best take of many attempts!
Hopefully the first of many, this is addictive!



You are off to a great start CJ. Very nicely played and your vocals were really good and suited to the song. You even had my wife singing along! Superb stuff and thanks for sharing!

I had to laugh, mine are always that way!

I enjoyed this well done sir!…Rod

Nicely done Dale.

That was terrific Dale. Beautifully played and sung. Well done.

Spot on there Dale, that didn’t need anything fancy doing to it from a recording perspective. Enjoyed that alot and what a start to recording!! Bravo :clap:

That was great! I love it.

Sound great ! Bravo !

I like the vocals on this track (guitar is great too). Nice effects on them

Congratulations on your first recording! It sounded great. Looking forward to more!

Damn, for a first recording that rocked!
Perhaps a bit chorus on the vocal to my taste but that’s a detail :wink:

Thanks Lieven!
I had a bit of struggle with effects actually (I’m new to recording).

On the voice I had reverb, compression, and a harmonizer (which I’m using set to 0 to mimic a doubler. I think this might be what you are referring to)
However, somewhere in the chain ( Di Box → Audacity) - the effects do not come out the same as they sound to me in my headphones.

Or maybe the chorus effect was my voice wavering from nerves :smile:

Great stuff Dale this was my first song I recorded and shared on the forum a while back, so excellent choice :grinning: back then I still couldn’t sing along so consider yourself being one step ahead of me 2.5 years ago :grinning:

Sounded pretty good and sweet, I would start in a while trying to apply some dynamics too in your play so sort of building up the momentum and volume as you approach the chorus and tuning down a bit when you are back at the verse. That’s it other than that sounded great! Well done

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Hi Dale, wow, what a wonderful first AVOYP :star_struck:. I love this song, and you’ve played and sung it so well. Congratulations :+1::clap::smiley:.

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Thanks @adi_mrok . I did search first to see if this one was already in the AVOYP and didn’t see yours. I didn’t search hard enough clearly.
I appreciate the feedback and agree on the dynamics comment. I’m playing to a drum track in my headphones, and I think I get a little ‘robotic’ when concentrating to keep in time.

Dale it was on an old forum of ours, however you can find the link in my learning log. Adi_mrok’s Learning Log

Bravo, Dale, a wonderful first recording, shocasing your ability to play, sing, and put it altogether in a performance.

You mentioned bing in a rut/on a plateau in your intro. I think making recordings and participating in Open Mics, both here in the Community, and face-face events locally is one way to keep enthusiasm and motivation up. For sure there are others, each of us just have to find what excites and inspires us.

Look forward to more recordings from you.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Dale and that was a great way to do it. Playing and singing both sounded really nice.