Play A-Long songs on app, how often to strum?

I am a little confused with the play along songs on the app. I am in grade 1, module 4. Some of the songs come with strumming patterns. Am I suppose to play that pattern for the entire bar, or just play the chord when a chord is shown? I.e. the strum pattern is d d u ud. When the bar comes up it shows an E. Do I strum E 5 times in that bar or just once? Also when you have two chords in one bar how does that change it?

What’s the song you’re trying to play?

For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield is what I play the most, but I mean in general. Give peace a chance, Get the Party Started by Pink.

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Thank you

Yea I wish musopia would key the chord when it’s supposed to be played as opposed to once every bar.

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