Play along with Pearl Jam's Immortality and Screaming Tree's All I Know

One more post today since I am feeling bit more outgoing than usual. Here are a couple posts of me playing along with the music and vocals of a couple songs that I have been trying to learn lately. I am recording with my phone so the sound is not great. I have my ipad playing the song on the Moises app with the original guitars turned down to about 10%. As you can see, I struggle a bit to keep the right time with the original music and have a couple flubs along the way. I missed the first couple bars and got a little lost playing rhythm during the solo on Immortality. I didn’t have time to do lots of takes, so this is take 2 on each song.

Anyway, here is Immortality by Pearl Jam

All I Know by Screaming Trees

Thanks for taking a look!


You’re on a roll ! Doing these will help your confidence for sure. Regards timing, my advice would be to keep your strumming hand pumping at all times in time with the beat. Doing that helps you lock into the rhythm, where as a stop start approach can result in a little jerkiness here and there. Think Justin now covers this in Module 2 these days.


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Hi Chuck, these are some cool songs you’re playing here :star_struck:.

That’s absolutely perfect. Not every day is a good day for recording, so you have to make use of them when they arrive :smiley:.

Regarding your question, I think you’ve perfectly summerized yourself what parts need a bit more improvement.

Tobys @TheMadman_tobyjenner comment is spot on :+1:. Keep your hand moving all the time, so you’re less likely to loose your path :slightly_smiling_face:.

Maybe, you want to check out Justins Strumming SOS course. I’m using it as well and find it very helpful :blush:. You’ll find it here:

Some of the chord changes looked quite tricky, but I think you did them well :smiley:.

Keep on rockin’ :metal::metal::metal:.

Good attempts Charley. All I Know sounded the better of the two. The Madman’s comment about keeping your strumming hand moving all the time is good advice.

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Nicely done Charley, sounding good and nice guitar too.

Some great advice there from Toby.

Thanks. Epiphone makes some very fine Les Pauls, all while not having to break the bank.

Thanks for all the tips. All the songs I have been playing are works in progress. It has been a slow process, but it’s been fun to be able to see progress from first picking up a guitar and not able to make an A chord to being able to play more complex songs that sound like they are supposed to. Justin’s course has been awesome and is presented in a way that has kept me going and improving. It sure is fun to be able to play along with some of my favorite songs that I love and enjoy so much.

Well done Charley. Coming along nicely mate, with some solid chord changes, and gettin into the groove.
Good advice on the strumming hand given already. Keep it movin. You’ll likely find it loosens up the more you play.

All the best.

Cheers, Shane

I’m a bit late to the party Charley. You’re progressing nicely mate. You got some good advice there from @TheMadman_tobyjenner. Since your using the moises app maybe worth slowing the tempo down and gradually increasing the tempo every time you nail it. Good stuff mate.