Playing along with Pandora

After practice I like to turn on pandora and try and play along with the songs. I try and find songs with chords I know and just try and play along. I know I am not playing notes exactly at the same time but am keeping the same strumming pattern going. Sounds Ok to me but what do I know.

What do you think


Hey Dan… that’s cool! :sunglasses:
I do something similar… I use Ultimate Guitar for tabs & they have a listen button that is on mist of the tabs… I play the song there while looking at the tabs to get a better idea of the song structure… then a bit of a play through - which usually sounds pretty horrible! :persevere: But it’s fun! If I really like the song & it’s more or less within my reach, I add it to my favorites & revisit it every once in awhile. I do generally see some improvement!!!



Hi Catman

Thanks for the reply. Happy to see some like minded spirits in here.

I have used Ultimate Guitar in the past I will give it a try.

I am going to try and record one song with the music off and see if it actually sounds good alone and sounds something like the song.
Hopefully my wife will recognize one of them :slight_smile:

Good Luck with your learning


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This is one of my favorite things to do and is something I have always done. Admittedly Pandora is not my tool of choice, but the concept is the same. Think of it as an ear training and improvisational exercise rolled into one. Those “Aha” moments are priceless when you unravel/hack a song, progression or melody on the fly.

My latest jam is playing Youtube on the big screen with “Deep House” type music channels that also stream drone flyover footage. This is a total sensory cornucopia, and very few of these tracks have any guitar in them. Jump in and hack the chords and melody, play fills, etc. On top of ear training this forces you to learn some theory that you can use and apply such as scales and chords in a key. Having a steady driving beat helps a lot.

Play on playa!