Playing ? songs in the Graded 'songs list'

Hello again :slight_smile:

First, I did actually try to search for this before asking but I think half the issue in finding things is knowing how to ‘phrase’ the search query. Anyway, here’s the scenario…

On YouTube I searched JustinGuitar Grade ‘X’ songs and up comes a playlist of Justin jammin’ out demo’s and then teaching songs that I guess correspond to the grade list they are in. My question then → Should I be able to play those songs in the list once I get through the grade they are in? As in, are they a realistic goal? because he plays them so well in the ‘demo’ and I look at the lessons in grade 1 and think to myself it doesn’t seem realistic that I could play that ‘grade 1 song’ after completing the ‘grade 1 course’. Am I missing something?

As an example:

That is the first song in the grade 1 songs playlist… At what level/grade in this guitar journey would I be able to play anywhere near the level he plays the demo of this ‘grade 1’ song? Just trying to get an idea, not looking to rush it, simply wondering at what grade roughly could that be a reality?

As you likely know, I’m still waiting on my guitar to arrive and I’m just watching through things and trying to get a feel for how it works and also to set some goals/expectations.


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Hi Dave hope the guitar arrives soon.

Similar to the response to the post for your other query, again it is best using the website and not just searching on Youtube for play lists. Each lesson module has recommended songs to learn that is aligned with the material you are learning. And in the Song list section you can filter by Grade and even chords, so far more useful to search this way as you will always be aligned with your learning journey regardless of the level.

Hope that helps. Oh and welcome !



I should that in each module Justin will explain how you should approaching the songs, many of which will have been simplified to reflect the level of beginners, as they progress.

Dave you can’t trust Youtube to sort the songs by grade. The song you posted is grade 3 not grade 1. So it would be difficult to play for a grade 1 student.
The website beginner course is laid out in a nice linear way and as Toby posted the song section is the best way to find songs by grade.
All the grades and songs are color coded. Grade 1 is white. If you look at the border of the song you posted it is orange. The color for grade three.

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Also do not ignore the fact that Justin is an exceptional guitar player and although he simplifies songs, he cannot really turn off all of his skills (like muting, dynamics, clean playing, good timing, and so on) - all the little things that makes him sound wonderful. It may be more realistic to look at songs with an eye to replicating the movements rather that sounding as good.

I think Toby’s hit the proverbial nail on the head here David. Once you’ve got the finest instrument ever invented in your hands go through the website course and it’ll all begin to click with the songs. As you get to the recommendations at the end of each module by all means search for the lessons or use the songs list on the website (where you can filter by chords) and you’ll get to the right place to get strumming and playing some awesome tunes!

Hi @stitch Thanks for the heads up on colour coding (kicking myself for not spotting that!)

Indirectly, you also answered the question I actually asked too :smiley: so I should be able to play that song after completing/becoming proficient at the grade 3 material. That’s what I wanted to know mostly, so I can set some expectations while enjoying the journey there.

Even if it took a year or two to reach that level of playing (shown in that song) I would be extremely happy with the progress :partying_face:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner @Notter Thank you for the feedback. I will certainly not stray from the website suggestions. As mentioned above, that song was grade 3 despite being in a grade 1 playlist on YT! So I’ll just use the site to find the level appropriate song moving forward :slight_smile:

@elevatortrim Such a good point also, it’s easy to miss the fact that while we might hit the level where we can strum, or chord change, or even fingerstyle that particular song… putting all those things together with feel and experience is a completely different story. It’s all about the journey :slight_smile: of course, it’s nice if along the way we also have little wins where we no long feel ashamed strumming around the campfire. I’m guessing that will come more into intermediate though, so a good longer term goal. For now the goal will be getting stuck into grade 1 and achieving those wins :100:

Thanks all for the insights :smiley:

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Hi @Koroze,

The major point is that you are looking at a grade 3 song as mentioned already.

I have found that there seems to be a little difference between the grades in the old classwork versus the new. I saw an old lesson for “grade 2” song I wanted to learn, but quickly found that it contained stuff that is in grade 3 today. While it wasn’t a long time to learn it, it did require me to investigate some techniques that weren’t in the plan until later. In the end I can play it well enough. Not stage-worthy, but enough to have gotten my wife’s head to raise out of her book and lift an eyebrow at me. :slight_smile:

I like to be fairly free with the classwork. I have found that I needed to backtrack on a few occasions because I didn’t give enough attention to some topic to later discover why it is good to know and be able to do well. That’s ok with me, and I just go back to concentrate on it, then skip back up to my previous lesson.

This is a really nice thing about these lessons. As well, having a need to learn something really helps with my learning style. I can apply it to something exciting rather than just a song or riff that I will never play again after the lesson is learned well enough.