Playlists and Rating

I did a similar post already in the old forum.
What I miss most in the App is that I can somehow rate the songs in terms of “who much do I like this song and even more important how good can I play the song”.
And in addition it would be also nice to be able to manage a few playlists. As Justin recommends to have sets of songs with different levels (song I can play, songs I want to play and can achieve, songs that are beyond current skills but of interest).

I play more or less every day a lot of songs and can just give them a “heart” or not. That makes it very hard to do further work on the songs.

Can you please add such a feature to the App please?

Thanks in advance.

  • Simon

Thanks for suggestion, Simon. I will share this with the JustinGuitar team and assume they have a channel to pass such suggestions on to @MusopiaApps who develop and support the app.