Please Come Home For Christmas

Hey Folks,

Glad to be here. This is an awesome platform. Not sure which YT video got me to register but I’m really surprised how good it is - complete package for any level to get better.

This is my first performance for AVOYP. 3 months of preparation, close to 20 takes over the course of 2 days. It is not easy!

I learned the song from various YT lessons and wanted to finally get it on here before Christmas. The kids talking and yelling in the background is part of the training - keep locked in while performing :grin: This is Charles Brown’s “Please Come Home for Christmas.”


@NickDelRey Video not available, you’ve left it as Private, needs changing to public.

Welcome to the Community, Nick

Enjoyed your rendition of the song, some good work up and down the neck, chords and lead work, plus singing.

I had to jump to watch the video in YT, rather than as an embedded video. You may have to tweak a setting to get that right, here’s a Post about that.

And I suggest you post up a Topic here to introduce yourself to the Community

Hi and welcome to Community. Sounded really nice to me, I feel for you trying to perform near kids who have their own mayhem going in the background. Considering you did really well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: iron out few bits that were perhaps only a bit less smooth and you are all set for Christmas :slight_smile: all the best.

Enjoyed that Nick. Well done mate.

Nice cruisy groove, moreso with your kids in the background. Bit like playin’ in traffic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lookin forward to some more.

Welcome to the Community. Video didn’t work but I got it via direct YouTube link.

Super stuff, lovely up and down the neck chords. Some of these old Christmas songs have a great jazzy vibe to them.

Well done. A great first AVoYP and I’m sure the in house audience enjoyed it too!

Hi Nick … Christmas music and children … bravo.
Great first AVOYP post.

Hi Nick and welcome!

Pretty good play on that end. Not sure how you could stay with it due to all the distractions. Enjoyed this a bunch!

A great Christmas to you as you rock!

I really like that song, and especially considering the ‘distractions’ you’ve done a great cover. You could get the girls involved by playing shaker eggs - that might be tough in the timing though!

Welcome to the community, Nick.

I loved your performance. You did well, especially considering the distractions. :slight_smile: I found the “accompaniment” from your daughters charming, though!

Superb entry to AVOYP :smiley:
Your kids provided wonderful accompaniment and learning to play with recording and distractions will stand you no end in the long run.
Give us a bit of background when you get the time, although judging by the ages that might be in a couple of years :laughing:

Nicely done Nick. Perhaps the most impressive thing is how well behaved your daughter is! I know from experience when my grandchildren are near when I’m playing I can’t stop them swarming over me and grabbing the guitar. Not that I mind. I hope they retain that enthusiasm.
I like the B B King version of this song and didn’t Elvis do it? Sounds like he could have. Your version is a good take.

Thanks for all the encouraging and constructive comments. I’ll be back with another one in a few weeks. Hopefully cleaner playing and better audio quality.

@DarrellW @DavidP And thanks also for following the link. “Allow embed” I feel allows the video to be placed in anyone’s website etc.?

@Willsie01 Lot of covers out there. The Eagles version is what got me hooked on this song. The electric guitar is doing some tricky stuff, couldn’t do it justice.

That was really good stuff Nick and congratulations on your first AVOYP post.

I noticed your daughter rocking along to your track and well done on not getting distracted whilst the kids were being kids.

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