Please help me figure out where to start

I am about to turn 50 and played guitar most of my life. For many years I have not played with kids growing up and being an adult and all. I plan on getting back into it and re-learning some stuff and developing a practice plan. Any tips on which Lesson to start with? Thanks in advance! I’m excited to get back into playing.

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I think the common advice you will get here. Start at Grade 1 and do all the lessons, you will breeze through the ones you know and are confident in. Along the way you may pick up some tips or improvements to what you do. Soon you will come to lessons that require you take more time to complete, and you will have found your level.


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Start at the beginning of grade 1. You blow through the things you know and pick up pointers to fix bad habits.


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The short answer is what @philsmith Phil and @stitch Rick said.

The long answer is I completed Justin’s “Classic” beginner course, then had a period of years when I wasn’t playing much if at all. When I came back, I found that the course had been completely revamped so I started at the beginning again, breezed through a lot of grade one, but still learned something new in most modules along the way. I’m in the second half of grade 2 now, and I’m pretty sure that what I’m learning now is way in advance of the original beginner’s course!

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Have to agree with Phil and Rick. As Julie Andrews once sung “let’s start at the very beginning”.
I am in the process of doing a review of Justin’s first few grades as they have been updated and contain new material, compared to the old version I started 10 years ago. I boxed off Grade 1 in less than a week and picked up some new info and corrected some sloppiness. So I am sure it will not take you long to get to a level where everything is new and you have found your new springboard.

Have fun and shout up when you need help.


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All the advice you need has been given apart from, whilst breezing through the beginner grades only to stop when you identify a need, learn songs, learn songs, learn songs. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Community Travis. I have nothing to add to what has been said above. Enjoy the ride.

Yeah, nothing more to say here!!! This topics has been answered!!! :grin::v:

Rock on .!


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