Please help with 'sweetening the sound' of recordings - condenser mic going into an m-track duo

Hey all! Today i attempted my first at home recording and tbh im not happy with how it sounds. I used a condenser mic going into an m-track duo to record my boss katana amp. Idk the tone and the way the instrument sounds just feels off? My lead line isnt great but if you can im just looking for advice on the overall sound quality etc

Heres the clip of me playing:

Jacob tone is a very subjective thing and all goes to personal taste and what are you aiming for. Without a basal tone I would say it sounded pretty sweet and reminded me of Thrill is gone with slightly remastered vibe from it :wink:

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I think it sounded pretty good but one option is to skip the mic variable all together and plug the katana directly into your computer via usb since it can act as an interface by itself.

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Ill give this a go!! Thankyou

Now you mention it i can kinda hear it :sweat_smile: i guess thats where the inspiration took me. Thankyou

When you say your tone sounds off, do you mean the recording sounds different from what you actually hear coming out of the speaker? If that’s the case, try positioning the mic a few inches further away / closer to the center of the speaker. Even one or two inches can make a big difference.

And honestly, I think it sounds great already.