Please join me in mourning

Neck is glued back in and clamped!

Should be able to put some strings on by Sunday


Looking good :smiley:

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:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Absolutely awful - holy moly.

Using a bit of moderator will I am rectifying that by moving your sad, sad conversation to a wider audience.


Oh my goodness, I would be in tears. Hope the fix is fairing well.



When disaster strikes! :scream:

Good going on the repair. I figure that if they can put a broken head back on, you will succeed at this. Have you thought of putting a screw in through the back for extra protection?

I love those clamps, I have a bunch and they are so useful. I did a full refret of a strat using that type of wood clamp as my fret press (didn’t want to buy anything for the job…). Came out great.

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Oh wow, that sounds quite fiddly. Were you clamping directly onto the frets? Glad it worked out!

I’ve done a few refrets. Tried hammering them in (not a fan) , used a g clamp pressing onto a fret press caul, using my drill press and finally got a cheapish arbor press which makes the job so much easier, especially with bolt on necks…

My wife teases me about my clamp collection until I use them to fix the washing machine or something :joy:


How is this repair coming along?

So far so good! Neck is back in and is strong and stable. Just trying to fix a couple of the chips in the headstock now and where the finish chipped at the neck joint. I’ve touched it up with some wine red stain and will fill the chips with super glue then sand, polish and buff. Won’t be perfect but she’ll live!


Good news Jon. I’d leave the rest and call it battle scars ! Not liked you’ve had to pay 5k for a “antique signature” geetar, that looks like a Squier that’s been dragged behind a pickup for 6 months and whacked into a catalogue in the “Must Buy Specials” section ! :wink:
Just call it character.

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Thanks Toby, I’m mostly doing the cosmetic stuff as a learning exercise. I like tinkering! As you say it’s not an expensive one!

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Blimey! … Only just seen this … First thought was “Never trust strap locks”. I know that’s pointing out the bleedin’ obvious in retrospect, but it’s something I live by. Most of mine have Schaller locks on them … but they can make you a little complacent. I treat them no differently than standard strap buttons … make damn sure they’re on solid before trusting the guitars weight to them. I had to catch my Strat just once on the way to the floor, after one had gotten turned around and hadn’t engaged to teach me that lesson. Sod that.

My second thought was bummer … but that’s repairable … and reading through your updates, you’ve got that well in hand. I’ve done a few headstock repairs, but not had one where the neck has bust out like that. Good approach.

Yeah … Practice on the cosmetics, but don’t get too hung up on the battle scars. That axe is telling a great story now :+1:

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Well the cosmetic repair to the headstock didn’t turn out worth the effort. Think the chips were a bit too big for a superglue repair. Or I didn’t put enough superglue in. Either way I’m leaving it for now

At least they’re on the bottom of the headstock so I can’t see them while I’m playing

I’ve put some strings on, given her a bit of a setup and she lives! The neck joint repair went well which is the important thing


Good job, well done on the guitar rescue. :smiley:

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Now its “Custom Shop” and you can sell it for twice as much :rofl:.

Truly though, I am very sorry for you and glad you were able to rescue the disaster.

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Or even more if you call it ‘relic’ed. Some of them look like they’ve been dragged along behind a car and then attacked with a belt sander. :smiley:


Nice bit of work, glad that it went back together OK!
Tip - use Grolsch bottle washers instead of strap locks, less expensive and don’t come off!

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Thanks everyone, pretty pleased with it. I didn’t play this one all that much before. Struggled to get tones I like out of it with my old amp setup and didn’t really get along with the tune-o-matic bridge as I’m very much a strat guy. Since fixing it though I’ve been playing it loads and have added a treble booster to my pedalboard for when I plug this in. Sounds brilliant