Please join me in mourning

Just finished a bit of work on my Epiphone Riviera Custom, replacing the shim under the bridge pickup with a thinner one, a good clean, new strings and a setup. Put the strap on (with strap locks), played the first big chord and it went crashing to the floor :sob::sob:

Absolutely gutted! Not sure exactly what happened, but I guess the strap lock didn’t engage properly

Bit surprised at the build quality after how nice the finish is - the neck tendon is only really glued to the body in one little spot on the bottom. The rest of it is just floating about with gaps all around.

I guess if it was fixed in better the fall might have snapped the headstock. This looks like it’ll be a bit easier to repair

Edit: sorry if this isn’t the right place to put this. I’m not really involved in the other parts of the forum yet


Ouch. Hope it’s not too costly to put Humpty back together again. Never used strap locks, just make sure the strap is wrapped around the pin properly and fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: never had that happen in 20 years playing.

Ouch! I feel your pain.
A good luthier could fix it but the cost might exceed the value of the guitar.
On the bright side, a NGD may be in your future.
What a smack to the wallet!

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ooh! that is no fun. I agree that it could have been worse and looks not too bad to fix.

You have 18 days to get it fixed at least! I hope you get it turned around in time.

I think I would have placed this in the general discussion. It may get moved by an admin.

Thankfully it’s not my only guitar so I’ll be OK. I mostly play my strats but was looking forward to getting some more use from this one during the course

:joy: Silver lining!

Agreed on the repair cost. I’ll probably do it myself. I’ve done a few reasonably big repairs before and built a couple of guitars so it’ll be a good challenge.

If you have a decent luthier on speed dial it should be fixable. Had a similar issue with my first LP Studio that did not appreciate our French tiled floors and broke its neck (detailed in my Learning Log link in my Intro) ended buying a 2nd Studio but found a Luthier just a few miles up the road, hiding in the French countryside who did an amazing job of fixing it.

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:scream: Yikes :anguished:

Now that’s a nasty thing for me to see first thing in the morning.
Hopefully you’ll get a positive outcome. Good luck.

Cheers, Shane

Darn… that would certainly give me the blues. Hope your able to get it fixed.

First ,Thanks the big guitar in the sky for that :sweat_smile:

Definitely not fun for now and I would definitely be bummed for a few minutes, but when it is fixed later it will have nice scars and you will have a nice story to go with the guitar :sunglasses:


What? you have MORE THAN ONE guitar? I’ve never heard of such a thing :rofl:

Can’t imagine how you must have felt at that moment, but I’m glad you can still BLIM!

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Hi Jon, my sympathies. Though as @TheMadman_tobyjenner says, take to a good luthier or guitar tech and it will be almost as new. I had a similar experience when a guitar was delivered in two pieces, my Ibanez 335, it is now perfect again. :smiley:


Wowzers! Not a sight I ever want to see here! Good luck with the repair. J

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Thats repairable if you had been close enough I would have helped you out not a problem Jon and if you are really stuck let me know ill sort it out for you


awww, dude. So sorry ;(

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Ouch! Painful to see. Hopefully a repairable situation. . .my condolences and best of luch with the luthier/ guitar tech hunt!!

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Thanks everyone!

So far I’ve managed to extract the piece of tenon that snapped off and was left glued in the neck socket by cutting through the glue with a sharpened pallet knife. I’ve glued it back onto the neck and am leaving it clamped overnight

I did clean up the glue squeeze out a bit after taking the photo

Confident I’ll get it back together and working well. Will be left with a few unfortunate chips though


The scars of use :sunglasses: :smiley:


A big gigantic UGH! So sorry. Can’t even imagine.

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