Plinkin' at the Plinkers Ball

Ahh Clint, what can I say?
The grit in this oyster community; producing perfect pearls for us porcine plonkers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The resolution at 1:09 was sublime

Thanks Adrian! It’s great to get back into recording. I appreciate the kind words!

Thanks Gordon! Yeah, you plinkers have gotten me back in the fold. On to the next thing!

Thanks BL! Yeah, I shucked a few clams on this one. Pearls may be something to strive for. When I get going on this guitar I always end up missing the cutout of my Epiphone. The Epi is up for a string change – but I’m gonna do it when I decide on which thumby-strummy song I want to cover. :slight_smile:

Great to see you recording again Clint as your playing is wonderful to listen to.

I hope you’re feeling more inclined to record a little more now.

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Hi Clint!
I liked your play on this. Seems maybe harder to do on acoustic? But to my ears you did well using what you did. Keep up the vibe and until next post…

Hope all is well,

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Thank you sir! I appreciate the very kind comment.

Recording is really the sticking point now. Took me some time to come to that realization. I will be stripping everything down to the bare bones for the foreseeable future.

Thanks LB! Hard to say. Less string noise on an acoustic, and on this guitar that lacks a cutout it’s a bit of a challenge to play the higher notes cleanly.

Oh good to see you back Clint and I somehow missed this amongst the masses of posts! very nice particularly nice to hear you playing the acoustic like this. I think Plinkin at the Plinkers ball is a great alternative name for my noodling! Although I think your is a slightly higher grade of Plinkin!

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Thanks Jason! I appreciate the comment.

Plinking is the kind of noise made by low caliber firearms hitting a metal target. It’s analogous to a single note barrage on a guitar (to my ears). It probably won’t catch on, but that’s what happens sometimes with “Clint-isms.” LOL

Hi Clint, it was a very beautiful song, your guitar sounded great!
Thanks for sharing this.


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Thanks @MikeSebastianP, you 'da man! Really appreciate the kind words.

Hey @CT, this sounded great. I can imagine being in a dark bar enjoying good red wine while you’re plinking away like this. Would be a great time.

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Thank you sir! I may need to get back out there again now that things are opening up. Maybe find a place where they will pay me to stop playing. LOL



I certainly won’t be putting ‘bread in your jar’ at 9 o’clock on a Saturday to get you to stop playing :grin: