Plinkin' at the Plinkers Ball

I decided to join in on all the Plinkin’ going on around here: Plinkin’ at the Plinkers Ball


Hooray he’s back, cigar fingers making music and the crowd smiles.

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Any appendages that resemble smoking apparatus will be blamed on camera angle. Please note that the camera adds an extra chin and 75 pounds. Ask any cinematographer. Hence forth I will be shooting all videos through plywood.

EDIT: Was I in tune?

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I think you are always tuned in Clint.

Yes harsh eyes that they have those things. You’re still beautiful in my eyes Clint.

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Love you Maggie! @max_mue hung the moon, so I can’t give you that one. You’re the brightest star, and that’s really cool too. :slight_smile:

You made me smile watching this over in YT before opening up the Community.

You make me laugh bantering here.

Doesn’t get better to start my day, smiles and laughter that lift pounds from the shoulders

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Thanks @DavidP, your support and encouragement are completely off the charts. If I took myself too seriously I would never sing, or play or shoot another “play through” video like this again. We be rollin’ – warts, clams, cigar fingers and all. :slight_smile:

I will accept the compliment graciously and add “right back to you” and many many other MGFs here (the acronym I coined in my last Learning Log update My Good Friend).

Well said!!

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Good to see the old Clint, sausage fingers or not :wink: Them camera not only add the pounds but warp wood looking at my vid !!

That certainly was a wonderful chilled plinkin noodle. Now grab that Layla style BT and join the party.


Thanks TJ!

If I played that same progression it would seem competitive, and I have a strict non-compete clause in my contract. :slight_smile:

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Can’t argue with that, Clint, though personally I am feeling no sense of competition with either Gordon (I think we are at similar points in the learning) or Toby, who I think is further down the road. I find it educational and inspirational, almost more so to watch my friends here than to watch Clapton or some other pro-grade YTer.

Woot been awhile CT! Nice guitar!!! Very relaxed mood as well. Nice! :grin:

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Thanks @Bytron08! After a long sprint of weekly video releases, it’s been nice to let the dust settle a bit. I’m still playing as usual now, just not terribly motivated to record everything.


Sounded awsome!!

And that woodgrain on your guitar top looked really good.

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WE all need a break sometimes lol. You know how I am haha! :smiley:

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What a lovely story you tell, Clint, nice to see you sharing it here :smiley:

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Thank you sir, and thanks for subscribing. Back at ya!

Thanks @Mari63! That’s all I have any more, bunches and bunches of stories. :slight_smile:

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Great to see you back at it Clint! Lovely BT and even better filling with your lead, like a well done pastry my friend :grin: keep em coming!

Welcome back to the plinker’s club Clint. Lovely, laid back, mellow and cool. Play on playa. Oops sorry can’t use that, that’s yours.:grinning: