PMs and odd icons under first message

Maybe being a bit picky here but after exchanging few pms with one and only @tobyjenner we are both not big fans of all those icons underneath a first message. Not a biggie but would it make better if those would either move at the top or would be completely taken away (at least most of them).

So created and all those next to it removed, list of people in a conversation above.

Seems unnecessary clutter. If I create a pm I know the recipients etc I don’t need a metric/stat bar to tell me.

I agree that in the context of pm’s, they serve little purpose.

I think pm’s work just like regular topics but shown in a different place to a selection of people.

It will be worth changing if te template for pm’s can differ from the reguler one.


Yeah for personal PMs those icons are a bit redundant but I can see how they can be useful for group messaging while organizing OMs for example.

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