PMT Grade 1 Quiz - I cant submit the quiz to check answers - please help

cant submit quiz to check answers

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Hello Greg and welcome to the Community.
Your question has been asked in General Questions.
What are you referring to please?

in music theory grade one quiz when i hit submit nothing happens. on phone or computer.

Hi Greg. Thanks for following PMT.
I have moved your post and tagged Laryne and Fanny for help.
Can you provide more info - what device / browser are you using? Can you share a screenshot or describe what you see whn you sybmit?

Hi, I answer all 20 questions and the submit button doesn’t do anything. i have used chrome as my browser and safari when on my phone. I can screenshot but it’ll just show that im on the last question.

I have just run through the quiz on Chrome / Windows 10 and all is working fine.
The Submit button turns orange once all 20 answers have an answer chosen.
One obvious suggestion is reboot after clearing cookies and cache.

tried that. hopefully it works for me later on.

Unfortunately, the submit button is still not working. is there a cheat sheet so i can double check my answers?

Hi @Brotherbepo - I sent you an email regarding this! Cheers