PMT Workbook - Grade 4.3

Here’s your workbook for Grade 4.3 of our Practical Music Theory Course - including the classic tests!

Great work, as always.

I think this workbook has a few issues, can you pass this on @Richard_close2u / @larynejg ?


  • The solution to Question 1 of the quiz has a few wrong answers.
  1. The second diagram in the top row should be a B chord.
  2. The third diagram in the top row should be a C#/Db chord.
  3. The fourth diagram in the top row should be a G chord.

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Many thanks for reporting this. Sorry that it has taken so long to come back to your tag - I was busy when the notification came in and I forgot to return.

You are correct in finding errors in the answer sheet.
One important distinction - they are notes, not chord.
I have asked if the diagrams can have clearer fret numbers marked on them like this:


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Hi Richard, the link for the download in resources does not work.

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Thanks Mal. I know the workbook has been subject to correction / revision. I have reported the broken link.

Fixed niw @Malz