A rare hens tooth post from me :crazy_face:
very loosly based on Neil’s Unplugged album version.


Hi Adrian,
That was nice and quiet guitar music to start this morning with and your voice fits in very well with this. Good performance. :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

Hi Adrian,

Very nice thanks for sharing never herd this before.

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I love a good old Neil wail but it scares the dogs in the neighbourhood :grin:
Thanks for listening.

Adrian nice job sounds good

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That was really nice Adrian. Good vocals and the guitar sounded pretty sweet.

And what a shame it is.

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Enjoyed that, some really nice playing

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Thank you !

That was good mate. The chord progression down the neck sounded sweet.

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That was nicely played Adrian. Very enjoyable listen.

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Thanks, just followed the tutorial. I’m surprised Justin hasn’t done one being the Neil fan he is.
The triady thing just follows the harp break between the verses in the Unplugged version.