Pocket Guitar Chord Practice Tool

Hi, folks. I was surfing on the ole’ Amazon website and came across these items called “Pocket Guitar Chord Practice Tool”. It’s basically a guitar neck with 6 frets and strings so that you can practice chords, chord changes, and other stuff anywhere, without lugging a guitar around. Have any of you used one, and if so, would you recommend it? I’m pretty intrigued by the ability to practice chords without making a ton of noise… a useful thing in a monastery! Could also whip it out on an airplane, take it travelling so I don’t lose time when away visiting family, etc. Any ideas on this? I read a couple of review sites which make me even more interested in the idea, but would like to get some advice from here first, if possible.

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I bought a used “jamstik” which is also made for use as a stringed midi input device. It was much more expensive than what you are talking about, but I thought it would be better and not a toy piece of junk.

I was wrong. Waste of money and useless. So unlike holding a guitar, so unlike fingering a guitar, so unlike fingerpicking a guitar.

Save your money. Practice on your guitar and when you are away from it, practice theory and note position in your head, stretch and maintain your hands, try some finger training exercises that don’t need the guitar (rhythm, independent movement), take a break, anything but this.

Not that I have a strong opinion about it or anything :roll_eyes:


TBH I really wouldn’t bother, if you really want something to practice on while you’re away from home an inexpensive travel guitar like this……

I’ve got one for when we’re at our Caravan, I don’t like takin my all solid woods guitar there because of the temperature fluctuations during the day.


I bought one of those things. Pretty much useless and a waste of money. It doesn’t replicate the experience of an actual guitar at all, at least not for me.


If you subscribe to the theory course, you will find this lesson rewarding:


Nah… I didn’t get that your opinion is particularly strong! :crazy_face:

That’s a great idea, Darrell. If I can get my hands on the money, I’ll see if I can’t get one and keep it at my mom’s house in the States, so that I can practice when I’m out there.