Polyphia - Goat (riff)

Hi guys,

yesterday I stumbled across the Band “Polyphia”. Even though it may not be everybody’s taste, the guitarist ist absolutely crazy.


Just the Riff (definitely click here…)

“Tutorial”, possibly for Justins Grade 9++*

Completely blew my mind, I didn’t even think stuff like this is even possible on guitar. I think I got a super-duper-ultra-possibly-only-in-the-afterlife-long-long-long-term goal… :joy:

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Yep that’s some playing, I’ve been a fan of Tim Henson for a while, he was on a Rick Beato vid explaining his playing.

Decent playing indeed. I would have needed to have started about 40 years ago to be able to play anywhere near as good as that.

For anyone who hasn’t already seen it, Polyphia’s new Track “Playing God” completely blows G.O.A.T. out of the water in my book. Got these tasty flamenco vibes.

Linking the “unplugged” video so you can focus on Tim’s playing, but the music video is nice too.

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